A reasonable weight loss goal is to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week. Many of the standard diets aim for this rate of weight loss. If you lose weight faster you will also lose lean muscle mass and slow down your metabolism.  My program is not a “diet.” It is a new way of life. I’ll help you plan and strategize techniques that will work for you so that you will make better food choices and eat reasonably sized portions. Eating more fruits and vegetables and staying hydrated are two of the keys to healthier eating. The excess weight will come off exactly the way it was accumulated—slowly. I find that weight loss clients benefit from using apps like My Fitness Pal to record their food choices. I ask my clients for their weight on a weekly basis to make sure they stay on track. But, I also caution clients that weight loss is not a straight line and that there will be times when you plateau. When this happens, we refocus on the big picture and experiment with a slightly different strategy. An important aspect of changing your lifestyle habits is to exercise self-love rather than self-flagellation when the number on the scale makes you unhappy.