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Best Weight Loss Program for Older Adults

The best weight loss strategy for older adults may be a high protein, low-calorie diet regimen. Many older adults really struggle to lose weight. Their metabolism has slowed down as a result of normal aging and many don’t realize how sedentary they’ve become. Another weight loss challenge is that food

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Weight Loss Schemes Don’t Work

Weight loss schemes don’t work. Yet, there will always be someone ready to profit off the desperation of consumers, and that is precisely what any given get-thin-fast scheme intends to do. It might be a bottle of caffeine pills masquerading as fat burners, a series of drinks masquerading as a

New Weight Loss Programs Recommend Full-Fat Dairy

New weight loss programs are beginning to recommend eating full-fat dairy. The latest research does not show the assumed link between dairy products and heart disease. Many Nutritionists are now recommending that new weight loss programs incorporate full-fat dairy products, like yogurts, milk and cheese. Why New Weight Loss Programs

  • get adequate sleep for weight control

Get Adequate Sleep for Weight Control

Adequate shut-eye is a necessity for weight control. Most of us don’t associate sleep with weight control. But, there is a strong correlation between the two. The biological reason is that your hunger hormones get re-set for the next day only if you get adequate rest. Exhausted? Scrimping on Sleep

  • healthy eating meal plan and restaurant dining

A Healthy Eating Plan to Lose Weight

A healthy eating plan to lose weight must involve developing a healthy relationship with food. Jessica Jones, R.D., C.D.E., is a cofounder of Food Heaven Made Easy, a multimedia platform for people who want to learn how to prepare healthy meals that don't require hours of laboring in the kitchen.

  • weight loss and breakfast

Does Eating Breakfast Help or Hurt Weight Loss?

In the past, some studies suggested that eating breakfast might help promote weight loss, while skipping a morning meal might lead to weight gain. This recommendation was largely based on observational studies, such as the one conducted by the National Weight Control Registry, which showed an association between eating breakfast

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Best Diet for Weight Loss

Best diet for weight loss? It’s confusing. Every week there seems to be a new best diet. The truth is that any calorie deprivation diet will lead to short-term weight loss. But, many of these regimens are not “best diets” in terms of sustainability or healthy eating. Experts in nutrition

  • healthy lifestyle diets

Healthy Lifestyle Diets

Healthy lifestyle diets is the new buzzword for the traditional dieting plans. These plans have changed their marketing approaches to reengage former customers and draw in new ones in 2019. Here are some of the reasons these traditional weight loss programs, now rebranded as healthy lifestyle diets, have continuing appeal

  • diabetes diets can reverse disease

Diabetes Diets Can Reverse the Disease

Diabetes diets can actually reverse Type 2 diabetes and get you off your medications. Since Type 2 is a lifestyle caused disease, if you are willing to change your lifestyle through a diabetes diet and exercise, chances are good that you can eliminate the need for medication. Diabetes Diets Can