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  • weight gain during vacation

Weight Gain During Vacation

Weight gain is likely on vacation and during the holidays. So, what can you do to avoid adding extra pounds during these fun times? There are two weight gain avoidance techniques that are effective. Choose the one that you think will work for you. Avoid Vacation Weight Gain by Using

  • healthy eating habits and psychology

Healthy Eating Habits Involve Psychology

Healthy eating habits require understanding a bit of psychology. Since all food decisions start in the brain, it’s no surprise that there is some mental gymnastics and rationalization involved in making food decisions. Healthy Eating Habits are Influenced by Psychology Healthy eating habits are influenced by psychology. Here is some

  • gluten-free diets

Gluten-Free Diets Don’t Work

Gluten-free diets have been touted as a reliable weight loss technique. But do they really work? In my opinion, weight loss is not about eliminating gluten from your diet. Nonetheless, I’ve heard many personal trainers at my gym advise their clients who are struggling with weight loss to go gluten-free.

  • a healthy lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle is Not About Skinny

A healthy lifestyle is not about being skinny. It is about eating real foods in reasonable quantities. A Healthy Lifestyle Does Not Focus Solely on Weight The focus of living a healthy lifestyle should not be a number on the scale. Instead, a healthy lifestyle encompasses putting healthy foods in

  • how to control food cravings

Tips to Control Food Cravings

Food cravings are a big problem for many of us, particularly when we are dieting to reduce weight. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to control food cravings. There is also a new study that suggests another technique to reduce cravings. Tips for Reducing Food Cravings There are a variety of

  • dieting with low calorie vegetables

Dieting with Low Calorie Foods

Dieting becomes easier when you swap out high calorie for low calorie foods. For example, if you trade your morning pastry for an egg scramble with vegetables, you will not only consume fewer calories but you’ll also feel full longer. Don’t Be Tempted by Zero Calorie Processed Foods So are

  • a healthy diet should include carbs

A Healthy Diet Includes Healthy Carbs

A healthy diet definitely includes carbohydrates. That’s one of the deficiencies of the Keto diet. A healthy diet includes all food groups. But there are different types of carbs. Some types you should include in a healthy diet and others are not healthy. We distinguish between simple and complex carbohydrates.

  • a healthy diet includes chocolate

Are You Tortured by Food Cravings?

“How do I deal with food cravings?” That’s a common question that I am asked as a Certified Nutritionist. If we don’t deal with food cravings, whether they be for pizza, ice cream, or French fries, they may result in a week’s long binge into the black hole. My Favorite

  • gluten-free diets

Common Nutrition Questions Answered

Nutrition can be quite confusing. We get contradictory messages in media headlines all the time. So how does a reasonable consumer figure out what is healthy to eat and what should be avoided? Four Top Nutrition Questions Answered Abby Langer is a registered dietitian who has worked extensively both in clinical

  • exercise programs for weight loss and protein powders

A Healthy Diet Avoids Protein Shakes

Many people believe that a healthy diet includes drinking protein shakes. But are there risks getting so much protein from shakes? A new study indicates that people looking to bulk up may want to reconsider drinking on protein shakes.  New research from the University of Sydney suggests that protein shakes may