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  • gluten-free diets

Gluten-Free Diets Don’t Work

Gluten-free diets have been touted as a reliable weight loss technique. But do they really work? In my opinion, weight loss is not about eliminating gluten from your diet. Nonetheless, I’ve heard many personal trainers

  • a healthy lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle is Not About Skinny

A healthy lifestyle is not about being skinny. It is about eating real foods in reasonable quantities. A Healthy Lifestyle Does Not Focus Solely on Weight The focus of living a healthy lifestyle should not

  • diets for high blood pressure include figs

Diets for High Blood Pressure Include Figs

Diets for High Blood Pressure Include Potassium Rich Foods Diets for high blood pressure benefit both from decreasing sodium, as well as from increasing your intake of potassium rich foods.   Figs May Help Lower