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  • lemons are good weight loss foods

Weight Loss Foods Include Lemons

Weight loss foods should include fruits like lemons. Many of my clients who want to lose weight mistakenly assume that fruit should be banned. They know that fruit sugar, fructose, is a form of sugar

A Balanced Diet Includes Legumes and Vegetables

A balanced diet includes eating from all healthy food groups. The two that are the most often neglected are legumes and vegetables. A Balanced Diet Includes Plenty of Legumes Legumes like black beans are an

  • weight loss programs and the two treat rule

A Weight Loss Strategy That Might Work for You

What’s your weight loss strategy? Low carb? A juice cleanse? Timed eating? Intermittent fasting? There are so many weight loss techniques. Many studies show that different ones are effective for different people and that the

  • a healthy diabetic diet reduces the risk of cataracts

A Healthy Diabetic Diet Can Prevent Cataracts

A healthy diabetic diet can help prevent cataracts. If you’re diabetic, you are at an increased risk of developing cataracts as you age. That’s why it’s so important to adopt a healthy diabetic diet now.

Good Weight Loss Programs Spice it Up

Good weight loss programs spice it up! I was a vegetarian for 14 years long before it was fashionable to eat a lot of vegetables. When I ventured into restaurants in those days, the best

Good Weight Loss Programs Include Treats

Good weight loss programs must include treats. The key is to find some treats that are nutritious and also satisfy your sweet tooth. Pay attention to portion size. Many of my clients have tried the