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This Wellness Coach Loves Coffee

I’m a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and I love my coffee. For a long time, we were told that coffee was bad for us and should be avoided. But who can resist the smell of coffee brewing in their kitchen? The good news is that not only have coffee’s

  • a balanced diet does not need supplements

Advice About a Balanced Diet and Supplements

Many of my clients believe that a complement to a balanced diet is a handful of supplements. In fact, this was a myth I too believed before I became a trained Certified Nutritionist. There are two schools of misguided thinking. One is the mistaken belief that a balanced diet will

  • what is healthy eating?

What is Healthy Eating?

What is healthy eating? Some of us mistakenly think we are engaging in healthy eating by focusing on particular foods that supposedly have health benefits associated with them. In doing so, we can take a lot of shortcuts, like living on juices, smoothies, protein shakes and nutrition bars. But is

  • a nutritionist says men lose weight faster than women

A Nutritionist Says There’s a Difference Between the Sexes

As a Certified Nutritionist, I often coach husbands and wives together because it dramatically increases their chances of losing weight if they support each other. What I have observed anecdotally is that the husbands almost always lose weight faster than the wives. Women: Add this to your “life is unfair”

  • weight loss and PCOS

Weight Loss and PCOS

Weight loss with PCOS can be very challenging. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition characterized by hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, and/or the development of small cysts on one or both ovaries. This condition can impact up to 7% of adult women. The hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, and inflammation related

  • healthy weight loss programs follow these rules

Healthy Weight Loss Programs Follow These 7 Rules

The most effective healthy weight loss programs can be summed up with these 7 rules from Michael Pollan. Michael Pollan has been writing about food and culture for over 40 years. His book “Food Rules” is iconic in the field. His central point is to choose real food over “food-like

  • best diet and artificial intelligence

What’s the Best Diet? Ask Artificial Intelligence

What’s the best diet? The best diet will someday be individualized. Artificial intelligence may be leading the way. Is There a Best Diet? Every year we see rankings of the best and healthiest diets. While we understand the broad parameters of the components of a healthy diet—an emphasis on plant

  • best weight loss technique is a food diary

Reasons Weight Loss Programs Fail

Weight loss programs often fail. There are a variety of reasons weight loss programs fail. As a Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist, I’ve helped my clients through many dilemmas on their weight loss journeys. My rule of thumb is that my weight loss clients should not starve themselves by

  • effective diets limit food choices

Effective Diets Limit Food Choices

Effective diets should not involve too many choices. For a long time we’ve been advised that effective diets should include colorful plates with a wide variety of types of food choices. New Thinking on the Most Effective Diets The advice on effective diets has changed based on new research. The