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Is Celery Juice Healthy?

Is Celery juice is certainly having a moment as the latest “cure-all.” Searching #celeryjuice on the social-media site Instagram brings up more than 175,000 posts (and counting). Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, Goop, advocates drinking celery juice (16 ounces) every morning, as do supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Busy Philipps. Celery juice is

  • diets undermined by sleep deprivation

Diets are Undermined by Lack of Sleep

Diets are undermined by sleep deprivation. We’ve known this for many years. One reason is that during sleep our hunger hormones get reset. Research also shows that a lack of sleep kicks off a process in the body that raises the blood level of a lipid known as endocannabinoid. This

  • nutrition from food not supplements

Get Nutrition from Food

Nutrition should come from eating healthy foods, not downing a handful of expensive and possibly harmful supplements. Many studies show that good nutrition is the key to health and that supplements are ineffective at best and harmful at worst. The State of Nutrition In 2015, only 12.2 percent of Americans met

  • water intake myths

Water Intake Myths

Water intake myths abound. This article from Tufts University, Health & Nutrition Letter busts the hydration myths. Adequate water intake in an important facet of maintaining a healthy body. But, many of the things we’ve been told about hydration for a long time turn out to be incorrect. Water Intake

  • fitness training programs

Fitness Training Programs

Fitness training programs have to be practical and feel doable or they will not be consistent. We used to think that long, slow cardio was the ticket to good health. Then we added strength training to replenish muscle and burn more fat at rest. Lately, fitness training programs have focused

  • how to reduce stress with nutrition

How to Reduce Stress Through Nutrition

Wondering how to reduce stress? Rather than swallowing a pill and maybe in addition to your go-to chill out routines, look at what you’re eating. Eating healthy foods will make you feel better. How to Reduce Stress Through Dietary Changes Have you been struggling with stress or anxiety for a

  • superfood watermelon seeds

Latest Superfood: Watermelon Seeds

What’s the latest superfood? We’ve been through blueberries, kale and quinoa, so what’s next? It just might be the lowly watermelon seed. What could be more refreshing than a slice of juicy watermelon or a watermelon salad on a hot summer day? And the seeds? You probably spit those out.