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  • a good nutritionist does not recommend celebrity diets

A Good Nutritionist Doesn’t Recommend Celebrity Diets

A good nutritionist doesn’t recommend a celebrity diet. Many celebrities promote extreme and sometimes even dangerous diets. Unfortunately, since most celebrities look photogenic and enviably thin and fit, many people jump on the celebrity diet bandwagon.   As a Certified Nutritionist, I strongly discourage taking diet or healthy living advice

  • weight loss programs need to focus on sleep

Weight Loss Programs Need to Focus on Sleep

Weight loss programs need to focus more on sleep. Most weight loss programs emphasize healthy eating and exercise, but neglect another critical component—adequate rest.   Why Weight Loss Programs Need to Worry About Sleep   What’s the connection between sleep and weight loss programs? New research adds to the existing

  • a healthy lifestyle for brain health

A Healthy Lifestyle Includes Brain Health

Living a healthy lifestyle also means eating right to prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. About 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s and by 2050 that figure is expected to reach 16 million.   A Healthy Lifestyle Study Shows the Benefits of the MIND Diet   A new study demonstrates

  • health and wellness programs how long to change a habit

Health and Wellness Programs Encourage Habit Change

The key to health and wellness programs is habit change. A common question is “How long does it take to form a new habit?”   A Myth That Health and Wellness Programs Need to Expose   For decades we’ve all believed that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

  • fitness training programs for older adults

Fitness Training Programs in Middle Age Improve Heart Health

A new study shows that fitness training programs in middle age improve heart health. This is the finding of a study of participants from the Dallas Heart Study, as well as employees at Texas Health Resources and the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center. Poor fitness in middle age is

  • healthy diet programs

What are the Best Healthy Diet Programs?

What are the best healthy diet programs? You may be surprised by the results of the 2018 US News and World Report that analyzed 40 top diets.   These are the Best Healthy Diet Programs   The experts ranked two diets as tied in the category of best healthy diet

  • vegan diet

Does a Vegan Diet Require Protein Combining?

If you’re on a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet, chances are good that you’ve heard that you need to eat vegetables with “complementary proteins.” I was a vegetarian for 14 years and made an effort to eat beans and rice together, believing that it was necessary to do so

  • leading a healthy lifestyle protein needs

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle as You Age

It’s important to keep leading a healthy lifestyle as you age. Your body and its needs change over time.     The Importance of Leading a Healthy Lifestyle as You Age     Leading a healthy lifestyle as you age requires that you adjust your food intake. Your body is

  • healthy eating meal plan

A 1,200 Calorie Healthy Eating Meal Plan

What does a 1,200 calorie healthy eating meal plan look like? This is a question I am frequently asked by my weight loss clients. While I shy away from imposing my healthy eating meal plan on my clients, I’m always happy to provide a sample of a healthy eating meal

  • wellness programs to lose weight without muscle loss

Wellness Programs to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle

Wellness programs should focus not only on reducing calories, but also on preventing muscle loss. When we diet we typically lose muscle mass which means that we end up slowing down our metabolism. That makes it harder not to regain the weight we worked so hard to lose.