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how to tell food who's boss

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How Tell Food Who’s Boss

July 25, 2022

Most of us have struggled with our weight much of our adult lives. Today 74% of US adults are overweight or obese, a testament to the difficulty of maintaining good health in today’s overscheduled, fast-paced, junk-food-oriented, sedentary world. The fact that 90% of dieters regain the lost weight demonstrates the futility of the ever popular quick-fix diets. This book provides a step-by-step roadmap for changing your eating habits by adopting new habits.

This is not a diet book. My focus is on teaching you how to take control of your eating habits, while are currently on auto-pilot, by boldly examining the roles food plays in your life. My approach is to change your mindset about food rather than cutting calories and starving yourself. Once you’ve done the deep drive into how your brain and emotions interact with your food choices, you will never need to go on a diet again because you’ll have finally told food that who’s boss and put eating in its proper place in our life. Your new relationship with food will be one that focuses on whole foods, shuns processed foods, and appreciates its pleasures.