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  • nutrition from food not supplements

Get Nutrition from Food

Nutrition should come from eating healthy foods, not downing a handful of expensive and possibly harmful supplements. Many studies show that good nutrition is the key to health and that supplements are ineffective at best and harmful at worst. The State of Nutrition In 2015, only 12.2 percent of Americans met

  • water intake myths

Water Intake Myths

Water intake myths abound. This article from Tufts University, Health & Nutrition Letter busts the hydration myths. Adequate water intake in an important facet of maintaining a healthy body. But, many of the things we’ve been told about hydration for a long time turn out to be incorrect. Water Intake

  • superfood watermelon seeds

Latest Superfood: Watermelon Seeds

What’s the latest superfood? We’ve been through blueberries, kale and quinoa, so what’s next? It just might be the lowly watermelon seed. What could be more refreshing than a slice of juicy watermelon or a watermelon salad on a hot summer day? And the seeds? You probably spit those out.

  • organic produce

Is Organic Produce Better?

If you buy organic produce, here’s what you need to know. What exactly is organic? The USDA establishes several criteria for something to be called organic: The produce must not be grown in soil that has contained prohibited substances (most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) for three years.It must also be without “artificial preservatives, colors

  • healthy diet programs and gas

Healthy Diet Programs and Bloating

Healthy diet programs always emphasize eating more vegetables. We all know that veggies are very nutritious and low in calories. But, if your body is not used to the fiber content in vegetables, or you are sensitive to cruciferous vegetables, like cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, you may experience uncomfortable

  • eating a healthy diet decreases depressionould include carbs

Eating a Healthy Diet Eases Depression

Eating a healthy diet can ease depression. Not surprisingly, eating an unhealthy diet can increase your chances of depression. This is yet more evidence that “food is medicine.” Eating a Healthy Diet Improves Your Mental Health Depression has many origins: it is genetic, triggered by a specific event, certain circumstances

Peanut Allergies and Solutions

Peanut allergies are no joke, as anyone who has ever experienced or witnessed an allergic reaction, particularly an anaphylactic reaction, to tree nuts or peanuts can attest. Yet, in the U.S., peanut allergies appear to have quadrupled in the last 13 years. Tree nut allergies have also increased, not just

  • healthy fats

Healthy Fats Are Good for You

Healthy fats are good for you, But, for a long time we were advised that eating fat would make us fat and that we should minimize our intake of fat in our diets. In retrospect, this advice may have led to the obesity epidemic because most “low-fat” and “nonfat” foods