Kate Hudson’s exercise secrets are very sensible. This is one snippet of advice from a celebrity that I’d ascribe to. Her advice is practical and real-world based.

This is what she told Women’s Health Magazine: Her goal is happiness. “I’m not always happy, I’m not always joyful, but I’m always actively moving towards it,” she tells WH. And happiness includes moving her body in ways that she loves (spoiler: dance and Pilates are her diehards) and eating how she wants to eat. For Kate, that includes sharing that food with friends and her family, something she notes is just as important as what she eats.

Kate Hudson’s Exercise Secrets

Here are Kate Hudson’s exercise secrets. You’ll feel seriously inspired motivated after reading, trust.


1. You have to take fitness breaks.


Yes, you read that right! “I just got home from shooting Knives Out 2 and was like, ‘I’m just going to take a break from working out super hard,’ ” says Kate.

Trainers actually often encourage these types of short breaks (sometimes called “deload weeks”) because you can’t continuously push your body at a high level. Taking a time-out gives you a chance to reset and come back stronger, much like a marathon runner might do as part of their taper week ahead of race day.

2. Switch up your workout routine when you need to.

“I’m all over the place,” says Kate of the types of workouts she’s been doing these days. Here’s the long list: barre, yoga, Tracy Anderson, Peloton, boxing, pole dancing, functional training with her trainer Brain Nguyen, and Pilates. “I’m an Aries,” Kate notes. “I get bored so I’ve got to change it up.”

Her latest find: Julianne Hough’s KINRGY. (The class is a “high-sensory activated dance method,” Julianne previously told WH.)


3. Move (and eat!) like you.

Okay, so while Kate does switch things up on the regular, there are two fitness pursuits she can’t live without: dance and Pilates. “I have to move like a dancer. That just makes me happy.”

“We are all individual people with individual needs, desires, and likes—and we have to find what makes us happy and what moves us.”

But that doesn’t mean that she thinks dance and Pilates are for everyone: “We are all individual people with individual needs, desires, and likes—and we have to find what makes us happy and what moves us,” she says. “If you like to ride your bike, go for a bike ride. If you like to hike, go for a hike. If you like to swim, swim.”

The same is true with food for Kate, who is a WW brand ambassador and found the points system is what works for her. “One of the things I love about PersonalPoints on WW is that it’s very catered to the individual. When you think it’s supposed to look like this or feel like this or we’re supposed to eat like this or work out like this, it’s like, ‘no, no, no, no,’ that might not make you feel good.”

4. Take digital detoxes periodically.

“I think one of the most important things we can do for our happiness, our health, and for our connections to people—which is a huge part of our wellness—is to [put the phone down],” says Kate. “We need to tuck them away for hours. We shouldn’t bring them to the table, we should put them away with our children. We should be connecting with each other.”

She owns that she loves being on her phone and there’s a time and place for it, but: “When you see yourself scrolling like a maniac, put her down, you know? It’s just not good for us. We’re all guilty of those moments where we can’t get our head out of it and it causes a great amount of stress and an unrealistic idea of what your life should look like.”

5. Honor the process.

Making progress toward a health, fitness, career, personal, or mental health change will be gradual and nonlinear. “This is what I built Fabletics on: You don’t have to go from zero to 100,” says Kate. “I think we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves and I think we need to stop. Put one foot in front of the other and [don’t] try to be everything at once. Just take deep breaths and honor the process and know that there’s going to be great days and there’s going to be hard days and it’s all okay.”

Kate points out that, sometimes, “it’s actually more motivating when you can say, ‘Today, I don’t feel good and I’m going to be okay not having the best day because I can honor that. Today I’m feeling unmotivated,’ ” she explains. “Just sit with it for a second and know that you’re not alone.”

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