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This Holistic Nutritionist Recommends Colorful Salads

This holistic nutritionist recommends colorful salads. I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of green salads. I have plenty of clients who eat a salad every day for lunch. Not me. Lettuce bores me. I’m more likely to enjoy an arugula salad. I’m all about flavor. And,

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Weight Loss Programs Include Healthy Soups

Weight loss programs should always include healthy soups. There’s no need to add cream. Just use healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables and puree them when cooked. Soups are a comfort food and will keep you full for a long time.   I love root vegetables. While we’re all familiar with onions and

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Dieting Secrets from a Holistic Nutritionist: Skip the Wrapper

One of my dieting secrets is to skip the wrapper. When did we decide that lunch offerings must be encased in a wrapper? When did we determine that we don’t have time to eating sitting down and that our lunch needs to be grabbable with one hand? If you’re dieting

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Healthy Eating Plan: Refreshing Summer Recipe

Looking for a healthy eating plan for the summer? Take advantage of the fresh fruit that’s in season. Add it to a salad with some healthy fat and goo protein and it will keep you feeling full for a long time.     Healthy Eating Plans Include all Food Groups

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Weight Loss Diets Include Complex Carbs

Weight loss diets should include complex carbohydrates. Lately carbohydrates have gotten a bad name. Many people mistakenly assume that good weight loss diets eliminate all carbs.   Weight Loss Diets Include Healthy Carbs   Don’t confuse healthy, complex carbohydrates with simple carbohydrates, like white rice. Carbs are the main fuel

Successful Weight Loss Programs Include Lots of Vegetables

Successful weight loss programs have to include lots of vegetables. As a Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert, I help my clients lose weight by adopting a healthier diet. Most of my clients’ diets are lacking in vegetables. Many of them tell me that they don’t like veggies and don’t

Healthy Vegan Diets Should Include Beans

Healthy vegan diets must include non-animal sources of protein. Beans are a good protein source. There are roughly 3.7 million vegans in the U.S. That is about 1% of the population. Many people eat a vegan diet to spare animals. The diet doesn't just cut out meat, like a vegetarian

Weight Loss Meal Plans Have to Satisfy Cravings

Weight loss meal plans restrict indulgences. In order to stick to a weight loss meal plan you have to find substitutions that will satisfy your cravings.   Let’s say you’re diligently following your weight loss meal plan and today you would do anything for a piping hot bowl of fettuccine

How to Eat a Healthy Diet By Replacing Bread with Lettuce

Are you wondering how to eat a healthy diet? Here’s an easy substitution that will help you dramatically cut down on calories at lunchtime. We typically think of lunch as a sandwich. Or, if we’re striving to eat a healthy diet, we may eat a wrap or a pita.  

How to Eat Healthy: Try this Spicy Tortilla Soup

Do you ever wonder how to eat healthy without giving up flavor? Some people mistakenly assume that healthy foods have to taste bland. This recipe for spicy tortilla soup with shrimp and avocado will wake up your taste buds and satisfy your appetite for healthy foods. I discovered this recipe