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Grilled Halibut Recipe

Here’s an excellent grilled halibut recipe. The warm spices, including paprika and cumin, add wonderful color and flavor to this easy grilled halibut. I made this and my

October 30th, 2023|

Healthy Relationship with Food

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? I’d say very few people can boast of having a good relationship with food in today’s food environment. What does

October 27th, 2023|

Cause of Obesity

What is the real cause of obesity? Many people focuses solely on eating too many calories, but a new study demonstrates that what matters more is food selection.

October 25th, 2023|

Risks of Childhood Obesity

What are the risks of childhood obesity? Unfortunately the frequency of childhood obesity is growing. With this growing epidemic comes many health risks including high blood pressure, high

October 23rd, 2023|

Healthy Orange Chicken Recipe

Looking for a healthy orange chicken recipe? A lot of us love orange chicken for it’s sweet, tangy, gooey sauce. If you’re not familiar with it, orange chicken

October 20th, 2023|

Why Diets Don’t Work

Wondering why diets don’t work? And if they don’t work, what’s the alternative? Tired of dieting and not seeing results? You’re not alone. Dietitian Lyndi Cohen shares her

October 18th, 2023|

How to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Want to know how to jumpstart weight loss? When we decide we want to lose weight, we want it to come off immediately. Wouldn’t it be nice to

October 16th, 2023|

Importance of Fiber

Most people don’t understand the importance of fiber in their diets and most of us do not get enough fiber. Here’s how to do better. Do you get

October 13th, 2023|

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Air fryer Brussels sprouts have a wonderful crispiness and sweet flavor. I love roasting all my vegetables in my air fryer, but the oven also works for this

October 10th, 2023|

Air Fryer French Fries

Crispy air fryer French fries cook up crispy and crunchy with only a small amount of oil. They are as good as fast-food or restaurant French fries but

October 9th, 2023|

Red Meat and Heart Disease

Red meat and heart disease are related. The same goes for processed meat. Consumption of both has been linked to heart disease, according to a mega study. Eating

October 6th, 2023|

Foods for Diabetics

What are the foods for diabetics to eat. If you have Type 2 diabetes, you have probably been told to avoid sugar. It’s less likely that you’ve been

October 4th, 2023|

What is Watercress?

What is watercress? According to a new classification scheme created by the Centers for Disease Control, it is the healthiest veggie on earth. For years, kale and açaí

October 2nd, 2023|
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