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  • weight loss programs emphasize food selection

Weight Loss Programs Emphasize Food Selection

Weight loss programs should not totally focus on calories. What foods you eat is equally important. Often dieters get fixated on the number on the scale going down and on calories in, calories out. They focus on eating the right amount of calories per day to create a calorie deficit

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Dieting Tip: Check the Calorie Count

Dieting tip for the day: Check the calorie count before you indulge. New research demonstrates that doing so impacts the brain’s response to the food. A Useful Dieting Tip Trying to keep fast food cravings in check? Hold the fries! As I like to tell me clients, all food decisions

  • exercise programs for weight loss and protein powders

Exercise Programs for Weight Loss and Protein

Exercise programs for weight loss often recommend drinking protein shakes. But do protein supplements actually build muscle or get stored as fat? According to a recent study, downing a protein shake, as suggested by your personal trainer, may actually put more fat on you, while not increasing your muscle mass.

  • weight loss programs and calcium

Weight Loss Programs are Enhanced with Calcium

Weight loss programs are enhanced with calcium rich products, especially from dairy products. Some dieters shy away from dairy products, believing that eating yogurt, cheese and sour cream or drinking milk will undermine their weight loss programs. Weight Loss Programs Benefit from Dairy Products But, studies show that eating calcium

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Weight Loss Program to Try

Here’s a novel idea for a weight loss program. The weight loss program idea comes from Lisa Drayer a nutritionist, an author and a CNN health and nutrition contributor. Monday Weight Loss Program Idea Forget New Year’s health goals, try “Monday Resolutions”' instead as a different idea for a weight

  • diet for high blood pressure

Diet for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can often be reduced by diet. What’s the best diet for high blood pressure and heart disease? Research shows that the Mediterranean Diet is the most effective diet. Reduction of High Blood Pressure with the Mediterranean Diet If you suffer from high blood cholesterol, elevated cholesterol, or

  • healthy diet programs reduce cravings

Healthy Diet Programs Address Cravings

Healthy diet programs must address cravings and how to reduce them. Ask anyone what foods they crave and they will have a ready answer. Some people binge on sweets while others can’t deny themselves crunchy,salty snacks. Healthy Diet Programs Need Strategies to Reduce Cravings Healthy diet programs experiment with different

  • diet for high cholesterol

Diet for High Cholesterol Includes Oat Bran

A diet for high cholesterol should include oat bran. If you have high cholesterol try changing your diet. When doctors talk about high cholesterol, they don't mean the amount of cholesterol a person gets from food, but rather how much of the substance is circulating in the blood. Antonio M.

  • diets for high blood pressure

Diets for High Blood Pressure

Diets for high blood pressure and high cholesterol should include nuts. Nuts contain satiating healthy fats and protein as well as vitamins and minerals. Anyone who is at risk for heart disease should add nuts to his or her diet. Diets for High Blood Pressure Should Include Nuts Diets for