Is Diet Soda the Best Food for Weight Loss?

What’s the best food for weight loss? Is it diet soda?   Artificially sweetened beverages are marketed as weight loss tools. The claim is that they allow us to enjoy the sweetness of regular soda, but without the dreaded weight gain.   It seems logical that switching from a regular

Weight Control Includes a Healthy Breakfast

Weight control has to include eating a healthy breakfast. According to the Mayo Clinic, “regularly eating a healthy breakfast may help you lose excess weight and maintain your weight loss.” Many research studies support this claim.   The National Institute of Diabetes agrees: “People who skip breakfast tend to be

Are Granola Bars a Good Addition to a Balanced Diet?

Let’s assume you’re trying to eat a balanced diet. One of your go-to snack options is a granola bar or an energy bar. Is that really a healthy option?     Many Nutrition Bars are Not Part of a Healthy Diet     Let’s look at the label of Balance

What are Healthy Eating Plans?

Are you confused about healthy eating plans? Your uncertainty is understandable.   Questions abound: What do healthy eating plans look like? Non-fat or full fat? Should you worry about eating foods with cholesterol? Is coffee good or bad for us? Is a vegan diet the key to a healthy eating

Good Weight Loss Plans Don’t Include Yo-Yo Dieting

Good weight loss plans do not include overly restrictive diets that lead to losing and regaining those 10 extra pounds repeatedly. New research show that this type of yo-yo dieting significantly increases the risk for sudden cardiac death and coronary heart disease. This is scary stuff! Add this to the

Healthy Eating Guidelines for Various Types of Milk

Healthy eating guidelines often recommend a particular type of milk.   I grew up drinking whole milk. You know—the kind that comes from cows. I have to refer to it as “regular” milk now to distinguish it from all the other offerings.   One thing people don’t know about whole

Healthy Eating Plan for the Holidays

Healthy eating at holiday time can be challenging. How about trying out some healthy cookies? That’s not an oxymoron. These cookies stand out as being a prime combination of what’s marvelous about Christmas cookies: bitter dark chocolate, tart seasonally appropriate dried fruit, brown sugar for depth of flavor, and a dash

Try Grilled Tofu for a Balanced Vegan Diet

Whether you're eating a balanced vegan diet, or just trying to cut down on your consumption of saturated fats, tofu is a health addition to your diet. Health Benefits of Tofu for a Balanced Vegan Diet Tofu, made from soybean curds, is naturally gluten-free and low calorie, contains no cholesterol

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss: Try this Tilapia Recipe

Healthy eating for weight loss involves eating nutritious foods that are good for the body. Eating fish is a good way to fulfill your protein and vitamin needs while keeping calories low. Tired of salmon? Why not try this healthy eating recipe for tilapia. The olive tapenade will amp up

A Balanced Diet Recipe: Tropical Chopped Salad with Shrimp

Eating a salad for lunch can be part of a balanced diet. But, it can also be a calorie bomb. The ingredients make all the difference. At some restaurants the salads are the least healthy lunch offerings on the menu. If you go to Chili’s and order the Boneless Buffalo