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Lorie Eber is a keynote speaker on healthy living, healthy aging and caring for aging parents. She is also a prolific boomer blogger and author. Her style is to use direct-speak and humor when discussing difficult topics.
  • dieting with low calorie vegetables

Dieting with Low Calorie Foods

Dieting becomes easier when you swap out high calorie for low calorie foods. For example, if you trade your morning pastry for an egg scramble with vegetables, you will not only consume fewer calories but you’ll also feel full longer. Don’t Be Tempted by Zero Calorie Processed Foods So are

  • diets for high blood pressure include figs

Diets for High Blood Pressure Include Figs

Diets for High Blood Pressure Include Potassium Rich Foods Diets for high blood pressure benefit both from decreasing sodium, as well as from increasing your intake of potassium rich foods.   Figs May Help Lower High Blood Pressure Diets for high blood pressure benefit from foods like figs. Figs help

  • a healthy diet should include carbs

A Healthy Diet Includes Healthy Carbs

A healthy diet definitely includes carbohydrates. That’s one of the deficiencies of the Keto diet. A healthy diet includes all food groups. But there are different types of carbs. Some types you should include in a healthy diet and others are not healthy. We distinguish between simple and complex carbohydrates.

  • a healthy diet includes chocolate

Are You Tortured by Food Cravings?

“How do I deal with food cravings?” That’s a common question that I am asked as a Certified Nutritionist. If we don’t deal with food cravings, whether they be for pizza, ice cream, or French fries, they may result in a week’s long binge into the black hole. My Favorite

  • healthy meal plans include eggs

Healthy Meal Plans Include Eggs

Healthy meal plans should include eggs for breakfast. I’ve experimented with a variety of different breakfasts and found that a breakfast that includes eggs keeps me full the longest. Healthy Meal Plans Replace a Grain-Based Breakfast With Eggs Despite what you may have read, a healthy meal plan can include

  • gluten-free diets

Common Nutrition Questions Answered

Nutrition can be quite confusing. We get contradictory messages in media headlines all the time. So how does a reasonable consumer figure out what is healthy to eat and what should be avoided? Four Top Nutrition Questions Answered Abby Langer is a registered dietitian who has worked extensively both in clinical

  • exercise programs for weight loss and protein powders

A Healthy Diet Avoids Protein Shakes

Many people believe that a healthy diet includes drinking protein shakes. But are there risks getting so much protein from shakes? A new study indicates that people looking to bulk up may want to reconsider drinking on protein shakes.  New research from the University of Sydney suggests that protein shakes may

Unhealthy Diets Rely on Processed Foods

Unhealthy diets rely heavily on processed foods. They also lead to weight gain. In the first study of its kind, scientists have shown that eating ultra-processed foods leads to weight gain in human volunteers in as little as 2 weeks. Research studies have reported associations between processed foods and health

  • CBD Oil: Hype?

CBD Oil: Miracle Cure or Hype?

CBD oil is the latest trend. If you believe the advertising, it cures all that ails us. But does it live up to the hype? Or are the claims too good to be true? This recent article from Bloomberg separates fact from fiction. Conclusion: While CBD is generally believed to

  • eating healthy strategies healthy snacks

Eating Healthy Rules

Eating healthy strategies can make a big difference in keeping us on a healthy path. The signals in our food-centric world all point to overeating and to eating convenience foods which are generally not healthy.   Eating Healthy Using 14 Simple Strategies Eating healthy can help you lose weight and