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Healthy Weight Loss Programs Follow These 7 Rules

The most effective healthy weight loss programs can be summed up with these 7 rules from Michael Pollan. Michael Pollan has been writing about food and culture for over 40 years. His book “Food Rules” is iconic in the field. His central point is to choose real food over “food-like

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A Healthy Eating Plan to Lose Weight

A healthy eating plan to lose weight must involve developing a healthy relationship with food. Jessica Jones, R.D., C.D.E., is a cofounder of Food Heaven Made Easy, a multimedia platform for people who want to learn how to prepare healthy meals that don't require hours of laboring in the kitchen.

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Healthy Eating with Papayas

Healthy eating includes nutritious fruits like papayas. Not only are they loaded with vitamins, but they can help keep weight down by satisfying your sweet tooth. Healthy Eating Wards off Chronic Disease Healthy eating is the key to preventing chronic disease later in life. Papayas are an excellent addition to

Healthy Eating Means Eating a Variety of Foods in Moderation

Healthy eating means variety. A colorful plate is a good guide. For a healthy diet, always exercise moderation. Sometimes we hear that a particular food is super-healthy and we decide to eat a lot of that food. We may think it will make up for the other unhealthy food we

What is Healthy Eating? Try a Plant-Based Diet

What is healthy eating? There are so many fad diets that it can be difficult to figure out what is healthy eating. Is it gluten free? Fat free? Carb free?   The key to healthy eating, according the mounting research, is to eat a more plant-based diet. That type of

Healthy Eating Calls for Reducing Sugar Intake

Healthy eating calls for reducing sugar intake. High added sugar intake has been linked to everything from cavities to obesity to Type 2 diabetes to heart disease and many other serious health conditions.   Avoiding obvious sources is one thing, but added sugar can be found in many foods where

Healthy Eating: Beet, Fennel and Fig Salad Recipe with Cranberry Dressing

This beet, fennel and fig salad is a tasty, nutritious and satisfying healthy eating recipe.   Healthy Eating Salad Recipe   This unique recipe combines a mouthwatering mixture of beets, figs, and fennel and gets a holiday twist with cranberry-sage dressing. The sweetness of the figs counteracts the bitterness of

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss: Should Lunch Be Your Biggest Meal?

New research hints that healthy eating for weight loss should consider when we eat our biggest meal of the day. Eating a big lunch and smaller dinner is common in Europe and South America. We might want to imitate that pattern and have a mid-day siesta.   Mediterranean diets have

Tips for Healthy Eating: Limit Your Food Exposure

Are you diligently trying to stick to a healthy eating diet plan and looking for some tips for healthy eating? My advice, as a Certified Nutritionist, is to create a micro-environment where junk food is not calling your name all day. Understand that we start the day with a reservoir