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A Healthy Lifestyle is Not About Skinny

A healthy lifestyle is not about being skinny. It is about eating real foods in reasonable quantities. A Healthy Lifestyle Does Not Focus Solely on Weight The focus of living a healthy lifestyle should not be a number on the scale. Instead, a healthy lifestyle encompasses putting healthy foods in

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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle is the Key to Avoiding Obesity

Leading a healthy lifestyle is critical to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the health risks that come with being overweight.     Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Needs to Be a Priority     The latest statistics on the United States’ demonstrate the obesity epidemic continues to get worse.  

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The True Measurement of a Healthy Lifestyle

What’s a healthy lifestyle and how do you measure it? There are a variety of ways to measure health. • The easiest is to use the arithmetical body mass index (BMI) calculation, based on height and weight. The problem with using BMI as the measurement of a healthy lifestyle is

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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Doesn’t Mean Obsessing Over Food

Leading a healthy lifestyle does not mean obsessing about every morsel of food you put in your mouth. That type of focus is what dieters do and it is short-lived.My advice, as a Certified Nutritionist, is to focus on changing your relationship with food. Until you make friends with food,

A Healthy Lifestyle is One That Controls Stress

A healthy lifestyle has to include stress control. The research showing the negative effects of chronic stress on the body is overwhelming.   A Healthy Lifestyle Keeps Stress Under Control A new study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital provides more evidence about the role of stress in causing heart disease.

What are the Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle? Five Tips!

We want to live a healthy lifestyle, but we have no clue where to start or how to make it stick. As a Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, my passion is to transform people’s lives. I know that sounds like a grandiose plan, but a healthy lifestyle is

Consistency is the Key to Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

For most people, leading a healthy lifestyle is a struggle. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, I empathize with the constant battle to stay healthy when we live in a world where overindulgence has become the norm. I see excess in both the workout arena as well as in

A Healthy Lifestyle Includes Adequate Sleep

When we think about living a healthy lifestyle, we typically focus on healthy eating and exercise. But research confirms that lack of sleep puts us at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, and might even shorten our lives. Still, many of us just can’t find