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New Weight Loss Strategy to Try

Looking for a new weight loss strategy? Trying to lose weight but stuck on a plateau? A University of Connecticut Professor of Pharmacy has an idea you might want to add to your weight loss regimen. Weight Loss in Less of a Hurry When it comes to losing weight these

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A Weight Loss Strategy That Might Work for You

What’s your weight loss strategy? Low carb? A juice cleanse? Timed eating? Intermittent fasting? There are so many weight loss techniques. Many studies show that different ones are effective for different people and that the key is to choose a weight loss regimen that you can stick with in the

Eat Eggs for Weight Loss

Eat eggs for weight loss. I know, you may still be under the erroneous impression that eating eggs is a bad idea due to their cholesterol content. Here’s the good news. Eggs are great for weight loss. Unless you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, eating eggs does not present

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Miracle Foods are Not the Key to Weight Loss

Are miracle foods the key to weight loss? Health Magazine interviewed two experts and questioned them about certain foods that have been promoted as “miracle foods.” These so-called superfoods supposedly not only help with weight loss, but ward off cancer, help you live longer, and even whiten your teeth. But

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The #1 Weight Loss Mistake

There are many misconceptions about weight loss. As a Holistic Nutritionist I’ve heard them all. Many are based on a hope and a prayer of ditching the excess weight at a rapid clip. But, there’s one that I hear so often and is so commonly believed, I decided to blog

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Weight Loss Only Happens When We’re Realistic

Weight loss needs to be sustainable or all the deprivation of dieting is just a waste of time. As a Certified Nutritionist, I advise slow, steady weight loss using behavior change techniques, like those taught by Wellcoaches. Changing eating habits is the only way to keep the weight off in

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Weight Loss Starts with a Healthy Breakfast

Weight loss starts with a healthy breakfast. As a Certified Nutritionist, I highly recommend starting every day with a healthy breakfast. The vast majority of research supports the position that eating breakfast is important for weight loss and for weight maintenance.   I like to use the analogy to trying

Weight Loss is Undermined by Chronic Stress

Weight loss can be undercut just by being chronically stressed. Many studies have identified a link between chronic stress and weight gain. It does damage in two ways. Stress causes excess fat storage and weight gain. Stress also causes our bodies to burn fewer calories and to crave junk food.

Advice on Tracking Weight Loss from a Certified Nutritionist

Weight loss is frustrating when the scale is stuck. A healthy amount of weight loss is one to two pounds per week. That pace can leave you praying for a tenth of a pound reduction when you step on the scale. Many times, even though my clients are eating better