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Weight Loss Programs Emphasize Food Selection

Weight loss programs should not totally focus on calories. What foods you eat is equally important. Often dieters get fixated on the number on the scale going down and on calories in, calories out. They focus on eating the right amount of calories per day to create a calorie deficit

  • weight loss programs and calcium

Weight Loss Programs are Enhanced with Calcium

Weight loss programs are enhanced with calcium rich products, especially from dairy products. Some dieters shy away from dairy products, believing that eating yogurt, cheese and sour cream or drinking milk will undermine their weight loss programs. Weight Loss Programs Benefit from Dairy Products But, studies show that eating calcium

  • weight loss programs and the two treat rule

Weight Loss Programs Need to Focus on Sleep

Weight loss programs need to focus more on sleep. Most weight loss programs emphasize healthy eating and exercise, but neglect another critical component—adequate rest.   Why Weight Loss Programs Need to Worry About Sleep   What’s the connection between sleep and weight loss programs? New research adds to the existing

  • the most effective weight loss programs use food diaries

The Most Effective Weight Loss Programs Use Food Diaries

The most effective weight loss programs require the participants to record food intake in a food diary. The extra accountability helps dieters stay on track all day. Recording intake throughout the day can also help you reserve calories for a restaurant dinner or some other food-centered event. If you’ve ever

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Weight Loss Diets Include Complex Carbs

Weight loss diets should include complex carbohydrates. Lately carbohydrates have gotten a bad name. Many people mistakenly assume that good weight loss diets eliminate all carbs.   Weight Loss Diets Include Healthy Carbs   Don’t confuse healthy, complex carbohydrates with simple carbohydrates, like white rice. Carbs are the main fuel

When Starting a Weight Loss Program Learn How Long it Takes to Change Habits

When you start a weight loss program, setting realistic expectations about how long it takes to change habits is critical. As a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, I’m knowledgeable about the science of behavior change. There’s a lot of solid research about how to motivate people to change their health

Weight Loss Programs: Why Every Diet Fails

Many of us who have a few, or more than a few, pounds to lose are lured in by the latest and greatest weight loss programs. Recently the Paleo Diet was the diet craze. As I write this blog, the latest fad is the Military Diet. Of course, any weight

What’s the Best Weight Loss Program?

Are you wondering about the best weight loss program? Fad diets come and go by the minute. The latest darlings of the weight loss world are the gluten-free and paleo diets. Many people have tried more diets than they care to remember. Dieters typically lose weight on almost any calorie