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A Weight Loss Program Amps Up Fiber

A weight loss diet needs to keep you feeling full on fewer calories. One way to do that is to increase your fiber intake. A single fig contains 1.9 grams of fiber. A weight loss diet should never leave you feeling like you’re starving. If that happens on whatever weight

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A Good Weight Loss Diet Focuses on Eating Plants

A good weight loss diet plan should focus on eating more plants. Research shows that plant-based diets may lower body mass index, blood pressure, and blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Eating more plants can also improve your heart health and lower your risk of heart disease. A focus on eating

Weight Loss Diet Recipe: Chicken with Brussels Sprouts & Broccoli

Looking for a healthy weight loss diet recipe? Here’s one with lots of vegetables and lean protein.   Vegetables are an Integral Part of a Weight Loss Diet   Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are two very nutritious vegetables to add to a weight loss diet. They are loaded with cancer-preventing

Healthy Squash Recipe for a Weight Loss Diet

As a Certified Nutritionist, the most frequent recommendation I make to my clients who are on a weight loss diet is that they add vegetables to their meals. According to the UDSA’s dietary guidelines, an adult consuming 2,000 calories per day should be eating 2 1/2 cups of vegetables per

Effective Diets Include New and Different Healthy Salads

Effective diets mix things up. Getting tired of the same old boring green salad for lunch or dinner? Why not be adventuresome and try something new? Edamame are immature green soybeans. They are common in the cuisine of China, Japan, Korea and Hawaii. The pods are served boiled or steamed

Healthy Eating: Black Bean Soup with Miso & Ginger

Eating broth-based or pureed soup can be an integral part of a healthy eating plan. Studies show that people who regularly eat soup are less likely to be overweight.  Starting your meals with soup may also help you eat less, making it an effective weight loss technique and increasing the

Healthy Diet Programs: Recipe for Tabbouleh with Chicken & Red Pepper

Don’t ditch the carbs! Healthy diet programs include whole grains as a necessary component of a healthy eating plan. Healthy Diet Programs A new study shows people who followed a weight loss program incorporating whole-grain breads, cereals, and other foods lost more body fat from the abdominal area than those

The Biggest Mistake People Make When they Resolve to Eat a Healthy Diet

We’d all like to eat a healthy diet. But for many of us, our good intentions are overridden by the constant juggling act of stressful jobs compounded by overscheduled personal lives. Our eating habits devolve into raiding the office kitchen for snacks and grabbing the nearest take-out when hunger forces