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Lose Weight for Good

Want to lose weight for good? Stop searching for the latest quick weight loss scheme. Yes, you will likely lose weight fast on any calorie deprivation diet, but your impatience will be rewarded by an equally fast weight regain. We all like immediate gratification. It sure beats waiting. The Internet

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Weight Loss Programs: Portion Control or Healthy Choices?

Weight loss programs come with an emphasis on different habits that cause people to be overweight. Some healthy lifestyle change programs put the focus on portion control. Others concentrate more on healthy food choices. Which is more effective?   Which Type of Weight Loss Programs Work Best?   Researchers at

Good Weight Loss Plans Don’t Include Yo-Yo Dieting

Good weight loss plans do not include overly restrictive diets that lead to losing and regaining those 10 extra pounds repeatedly. New research show that this type of yo-yo dieting significantly increases the risk for sudden cardiac death and coronary heart disease. This is scary stuff! Add this to the