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How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Are you wondering how to reduce stress and anxiety? Try “forest bathing.”   Forest bathing is a therapeutic type of "moving meditation" which is popular in Japan and has recently caught on in the U.S. In fact, in 2013, North America got its own chapter of the International Society of

Wondering How to Reduce Stress: Try Taking Your Vacation Days

Feeling frazzled and wondering how to reduce stress? Are you one of the many employees who leaves paid vacation days on the table every year? I have good news! With more and more recognition of the long term health impacts of chronic stress, some employers have abandoned the “work till

6 Practical Tips on How to Reduce Stress

Wondering how to reduce stress? I have some practical suggestions. Many, if not most of us, are “running on empty,” as the Jackson Browne song goes. We strive mightily to be consummate professionals as well as perfect parents and spouses, while buried under a mound of stress. We’re rushing through

Stress Caused Me to Have Two Useless Root Canals

I’ve always been somewhat of a stress mess. “Driven” and “hard charging” are apt descriptions. I was raised in the Jewish achievement religion which restricted my occupational choices to doctor or lawyer. This over-the-top work ethic served me well as a corporate litigator in private practice, where billable hours were

Resigning from Law was the Best Thing I Ever Did

At age 49, I decided to walk away from my position as a partner in a prestigious law firm. To describe me as a workaholic during my 23 year career is akin to saying that Mark Zuckerberg is charitable or that Donald Trump is outspoken. Defense attorneys bill by the

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer to Get in Shape?

I work out every day. That includes vacations. I’ve even been known to get up before the crack of dawn to get to 24 Hour Fitness before an all-day flight. The only time I slack off is when I’m sick, and the last time that happened was 10 years ago.

How Can I Keep Off the Weight I Lost?

We’ve all dieted and lost weight. That’s the easy part. The challenge comes when we tire of our self-imposed deprivation of living on kale smoothies and revert to normal life. About 95% of us are weight loss recidivists. Sadly, despite expending so much willpower getting the flab off, we regain

How Can I Resist Overeating in Restaurants?

For a variety of reasons, we’re eating out more and more frequently. Some of us like to sample the trendiest innovative cuisine and brandish the bragging rights. For others, their careers require entertaining clients, and that means eating out. Then there are those of us who don’t know how to

The Downside of Being Fit and Lean

My husband was shopping for a workout outfit for me recently at a fitness store and not sure what size bra top to buy for me. The clerk logically asked him for my bra size. My husband replied “She doesn’t wear a bra.” The employee persisted: “Well, what cup size

Pre-Holiday Game Plan: How to Keep Sane and Not Gain

Do you enjoy the holidays but also dread the craziness, stress, and weight gain? Want to end the holiday season feeling good about yourself and being able to zip up your jeans? Follow these 3 simple tips: 1. Focus on portion control The simplest way to control your food intake