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Does a Healthy Diet Mean Probiotics?

Does eating a healthy diet mean you should be eating probiotic foods? Does a Healthy Diet Require Probiotic Foods? Does a healthy diet mean you should be eating probiotic foods like kimchi, drinking kombucha or taking probiotic supplements? Probiotic foods are extremely popular and are touted for their supposed health

  • add miso soup to your weight loss meal plans

Make Probiotic Foods Part of Your Weight Loss Meal Plans

Make probiotic foods, like miso, part of your weight loss meal plans   Miso Paste: An Asian Health Food   Spicy Asian foods are rapidly gaining popularity. Move over wasabi and sriracha. Miso paste, a fermented soybean flavor enhancer, is hot on your heels. This versatile, umami flavored food, is

Does a Balanced Diet Include Taking Probiotics?

Have you been trying to eat a balanced diet and wondering if you should be taking probiotics? You may have heard that they help with digestive problems, improve your immune system, and can speed weight loss. Probiotics are big business. Sales of supplements and probiotic foods are expected to approach