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Personal Trainers Should Encourage Regular Exercise

Personal trainers encourage their clients to exercise. But the key may be more about consistency than strenuous workouts that leave clients burned out. Do you exercise with a personal trainer? If so, ask your personal trainer to give you some workouts that you can do on your own after you

Personal Trainers and Certified Nutritionists Should Recommend Exercise after Brain Work

I’ll bet that most personal trainers and certified nutritionists don’t realize that a busy brain can mean a hungry body. My personal experience tells me that I can become both exhausted and famished after a session of intense concentration. When I first started to notice this phenomenon, I was a

Personal Trainers Should Be Recommending Exercise for Brain Health

I doubt that many personal trainers are telling their clients that working out will preserve their brain. When we think about “brain exercise” we tend to focus on brain games like Sudoku, or doing New York Times crossword puzzles, or learning new skills, like taking computer classes. While an AARP