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Nutritionist Recommended One Skillet Dinner

Nutritionist recommended one skillet dinner just for you. This is super easy to make and only uses a single skillet. This healthy recipe fits in nicely with a nutritious balanced Mediterranean diet. I’m a Holistic Nutritionist who gives my clients practical advice about how to change their existing diet into

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Nutritionists Recommend Healthy Swaps

Nutritionists like me are always dreaming up satisfying ways to help clients get heathier and lose weight. One proven technique is to swap less caloric healthy foods for those high in simple carbs, fat, and sugar. Nutritionists Like the Cauliflower Swap Nutritionists often suggest roasted or riced cauliflower as an

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Healthy Eating Includes Taking Shortcuts

Healthy eating plans include taking shortcuts which make it easier to cook in advance. One easy solution is to use a slow cooker or a pressure cooker like an Insta Pot. They are an easy way to make tasty meals with minimal effort. Healthy Eating Benefits of Using a Slow

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Best Exercise Program for Weight Loss

What’s the best exercise program for weight loss and weight maintenance? The Department of Health & Human Services just made a major change to exercise guidelines. Here's what you need to know: Exercise Program for Weight Loss Guidelines Americans seeking to stay healthy can get their exercise in small increments

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Healthy Weight Loss Diets Don’t Start with Detoxing

Healthy weight loss diets don’t start with or include detoxing. But, many people who are looking for healthy weight loss are tempted to get a jump start with a detox cleanse. In fact, at one time or another, most of us have been tempted by the promises of detoxes. It's

Weight Loss Meal Plans Use Lean Protein

Weight loss meal plans should include adequate amounts of lean protein. Skinless chicken breast, as used in this tasty recipe, is a perfect addition to a weight loss meal plan. Grilled, skinless chicken breast is a welcome addition to effective weight loss meal plans due to its low calorie count

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A Good Nutritionist Doesn’t Recommend Celebrity Diets

A good nutritionist doesn’t recommend a celebrity diet. Many celebrities promote extreme and sometimes even dangerous diets. Unfortunately, since most celebrities look photogenic and enviably thin and fit, many people jump on the celebrity diet bandwagon.   As a Certified Nutritionist, I strongly discourage taking diet or healthy living advice

Certified Nutritionists Advise on How to Eliminate Cravings

Nutritionists are like everyone else. We all crave junk food from time to time. When we give in to our cravings, we experience momentary comfort, but then we regret the extra calories and lack of willpower. Two nutritionists, Ginger Bailey and McCall Weekes, from Salt Lake City recently published an