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Get Nutrition from Food

Nutrition should come from eating healthy foods, not downing a handful of expensive and possibly harmful supplements. Many studies show that good nutrition is the key to health and that supplements are ineffective at best and harmful at worst. The State of Nutrition In 2015, only 12.2 percent of Americans met

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Common Nutrition Questions Answered

Nutrition can be quite confusing. We get contradictory messages in media headlines all the time. So how does a reasonable consumer figure out what is healthy to eat and what should be avoided? Four Top Nutrition Questions Answered Abby Langer is a registered dietitian who has worked extensively both in clinical

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A Nutritionist Says There’s a Difference Between the Sexes

As a Certified Nutritionist, I often coach husbands and wives together because it dramatically increases their chances of losing weight if they support each other. What I have observed anecdotally is that the husbands almost always lose weight faster than the wives. Women: Add this to your “life is unfair”

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Nutritionists Recommend Healthy Swaps

Nutritionists like me are always dreaming up satisfying ways to help clients get heathier and lose weight. One proven technique is to swap less caloric healthy foods for those high in simple carbs, fat, and sugar. Nutritionists Like the Cauliflower Swap Nutritionists often suggest roasted or riced cauliflower as an

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Why Nutritionists are Skeptical of Nutrition Research

Nutritionists look at all nutrition studies with a healthy dose of skepticism. There’s good reason to do so. It seems like there’s a new study with some sort of dietary health recommendation every week, and often the latest results contradict what we’ve heard before. For example, recently a study came

Healthy Eating: Making the Case for Eating Fruit

Healthy eating is on most of our minds these days, but many of us avoid eating fruit because we believe that it’s high in calories and has too much sugar. Others get their fruit solely from juicing. The Bullet is all the rage! You may be surprised to learn that

Weight Loss Journey: Elaine’s Blog–Week #5

Take your time. Be patient. Losing weight is hard. PERIOD. But having to do it while managing all the other day-to-day tasks makes it that much more of a challenge. How do you go to work, prepare healthy home-cooked meals, entertain your family, AND exercise before bedtime -- only to

Healthy Diet Recipe: Zucchini Wheat Berry Salad

Are you trying to eat more complex carbs as part of your healthy diet? Broaden your horizons beyond whole wheat bread and brown rice. Experiment with a variety of healthy grains. Try barley, spelt, black rice, bulgur, or quinoa. Here is a healthy diet recipe that uses wheat berries: Zucchini-Wheat

Weight Loss Journey: Elaine’s Blog, Week #3

My weight loss journey was challenging this past week because I was sick with a respiratory infection.  Not only was I frequently short of breath, but the doctor had me on antibiotics and powerful steroids that made my body feel completely out of sync.  Unfortunately, steroids are an appetite stimulant

Health & Wellness News: How to Resist Chocolate Cravings

We’ve all had the experience of being stressed and heading for the candy jar. If we could limit ourselves to just one small single square it wouldn’t be a bad thing. After all dark chocolate has health benefits, including lots of healthy antioxidants. But, typically as soon as we take