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Lose Weight for Good

Want to lose weight for good? Stop searching for the latest quick weight loss scheme. Yes, you will likely lose weight fast on any calorie deprivation diet, but your impatience will be rewarded by an equally fast weight regain. We all like immediate gratification. It sure beats waiting. The Internet

Weight Loss Journey: Elaine’s Blog–Week #5

Take your time. Be patient. Losing weight is hard. PERIOD. But having to do it while managing all the other day-to-day tasks makes it that much more of a challenge. How do you go to work, prepare healthy home-cooked meals, entertain your family, AND exercise before bedtime -- only to

8 Simple Practices that Will Help You Lose Weight for Good

When we get disgusted with our weight, we go on a diet because usually it results in rapid weight loss and that represents gratifying progress. The problem is that no one can live with deprivation forever, so at some point every dieter goes off the reservation and starts eating again.