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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Means Eating Leafy Greens

Leading a healthy lifestyle means eating lots of leafy greens. Research clearly demonstrates that focuses on eating a more plant-based diet has beneficial health effects. I’m not saying you need to go vegan or even totally vegetarian, but adding more vegetables to your diet is a big part of leading

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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle on Weekends

Leading a healthy lifestyle is often more challenging on weekends. We tend to reward ourselves for getting through the crazy week but letting down our guard a bit. This typically means eating out and indulging in a few cocktails.     Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Involves Being Flexible on Weekends

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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle is the Key to Avoiding Obesity

Leading a healthy lifestyle is critical to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the health risks that come with being overweight.     Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Needs to Be a Priority     The latest statistics on the United States’ demonstrate the obesity epidemic continues to get worse.  

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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Despite Stress

Leading a healthy lifestyle requires adjusting our attitudes about stress. Stress is unavoidable. But we have a choice about how to deal with it. Work, money and family all create daily stress. More global issues like politics and terrorism can also add to our stress levels.   But, research studies

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Overrides Bad Genes

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help overcome bad genetics. Don’t use your bad genes as an excuse not to lead a healthy lifestyle.   New research shows that we can minimize an inherited risk for heart attack by living right -- exercising, eating healthy, staying slim and quitting smoking.  

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Can Be Confusing

Let’s say you’ve resolved to start focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle. You’d like to change your eating habits by eating out less frequently and eating more real food and less packaged food products. When you make the decision to change your health habits you may find yourself getting lost

A Healthy Lifestyle Includes Adequate Sleep

When we think about living a healthy lifestyle, we typically focus on healthy eating and exercise. But research confirms that lack of sleep puts us at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, and might even shorten our lives. Still, many of us just can’t find