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How to Eat Healthy: Try this Spicy Tortilla Soup

Do you ever wonder how to eat healthy without giving up flavor? Some people mistakenly assume that healthy foods have to taste bland. This recipe for spicy tortilla soup with shrimp and avocado will wake up your taste buds and satisfy your appetite for healthy foods. I discovered this recipe

How to Start Eating Healthy: Try This Chicken and Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Many of my weight loss clients just don’t know how to start eating healthy. If you’re willing to devote even a little time to cooking, you can start eating healthy today. Here’s an easy tip! Fill up one-half of your dinner plate with vegetables and eat them first. The rest

A Healthy Eating Meal Plan Can Include Pancakes

Can a healthy eating meal plan include pancakes? It can, but probably not if you go to IHOP. Even a healthy sounding option like “ Harvest Grain ‘N Nut Pancakes” will cost you almost 1,000 calories and that’s before you add the butter, “fruit” topping, syrup and whipped cream. What