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Healthy Eating and Sugar

Healthy eating is more puzzling than ever before given the great variety of sugars that are now on the market. Sugar has gotten so complicated. There’s plain old white cane sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, beet sugar, agave, honey. In fact, every month it seems like some new,

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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle on Weekends

Leading a healthy lifestyle is often more challenging on weekends. We tend to reward ourselves for getting through the crazy week but letting down our guard a bit. This typically means eating out and indulging in a few cocktails.     Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Involves Being Flexible on Weekends

Weight Loss Meal Plans are Loaded with Vegetables

Are you confused about what should be included in a weight loss meal plan? As a holistic nutritionist, my weight loss clients typically ask me to provide them with a healthy eating meal plan. I always decline, because I would prefer to monitor their online food journal and help them