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Healthy Weight Loss Programs Involve Building Simple Habits

Healthy weight loss programs are made up of nothing more complicated than building simple healthy habits over time. But, changing habits takes time and many people who want to lose weight are understandably impatient. The result is that they cycle through various quick weight loss diets. Unfortunately, this approach has

What Accounts for the Obesity Epidemic?

Why do two-thirds of American adults now shop for XXL sizes and huff and puff on the rare occasions they are forced to walk more than 50 feet? Is it due to “fat” genes? Lack of information about nutrition or exercise regimens? The purportedly high cost of fresh fruits and

Helane’s Blog–Week #3–Healthy Foods

I can’t believe it’s been 18 days since I first met with Lorie for my first appointment. I have a renewed sense of direction and especially felt it after New Years as I knew all of the goodies, holiday treats and holiday events were done! I have continued to cook