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Healthy Weight Loss Diets Don’t Start with Detoxing

Healthy weight loss diets don’t start with or include detoxing. But, many people who are looking for healthy weight loss are tempted to get a jump start with a detox cleanse. In fact, at one time or another, most of us have been tempted by the promises of detoxes. It's

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Healthy Weight Loss Starts with Knowing Your Numbers

Healthy weight loss really starts with determining if your current weight is a healthy weight. There are several different ways to test for a healthy weight. What is a Healthy Weight? Many Americans struggle to control their weight. The country’s obesity problem is well known. According to the latest statistics,

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Weight Loss Interventions That Work

Which weight loss interventions actually work? According to this CNN article, there are three options that lead to permanent weight loss. The alternatives for effective weight loss are: (1) lifestyle change, (2) USDA approved medications, and (3) surgery.   I don’t know about you, but I like to do things

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Healthy Weight Loss Programs Involve Building Simple Habits

Healthy weight loss programs are made up of nothing more complicated than building simple healthy habits over time. But, changing habits takes time and many people who want to lose weight are understandably impatient. The result is that they cycle through various quick weight loss diets. Unfortunately, this approach has

Advice on Tracking Weight Loss from a Certified Nutritionist

Weight loss is frustrating when the scale is stuck. A healthy amount of weight loss is one to two pounds per week. That pace can leave you praying for a tenth of a pound reduction when you step on the scale. Many times, even though my clients are eating better