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The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Include a Healthy Brain

Another one of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle includes keeping our brains working well. Several recent research studies show that staying in shape and maintaining a healthy weight preserve brain function.     One of the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle is a Fit Body     We’ve known

Does a Healthy Lifestyle Include Supplements?

So you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, but you’re confused about whether to take supplements to enhance your overall well-being or to ensure that your body has all the necessary nutrients. You’re not alone! There’s a lot of misinformation about supplements floating around in the media. Every day we

A Weight Loss Program Can Reverse Diabetes

A new study demonstrates that people with type 2 diabetes successfully reversed the disease by going on a weight loss program. Although there are many risk factors for type 2 diabetes, the single best predictor for developing the disease is being overweight or obese. In fact, 90% of type 2 diabetics

A Balanced Diet: Your Brain Can Be Trained to Prefer Healthy Foods

A balanced diet consists of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and good fats. Many people who are trying to adopt healthy eating habits have trouble resisting high calorie snacks and fast food. Good news! Not only do your taste buds adapt over time, but research from Tufts University demonstrates that the

Healthy Eating: Making the Case for Eating Fruit

Healthy eating is on most of our minds these days, but many of us avoid eating fruit because we believe that it’s high in calories and has too much sugar. Others get their fruit solely from juicing. The Bullet is all the rage! You may be surprised to learn that

Stress Caused Me to Have Two Useless Root Canals

I’ve always been somewhat of a stress mess. “Driven” and “hard charging” are apt descriptions. I was raised in the Jewish achievement religion which restricted my occupational choices to doctor or lawyer. This over-the-top work ethic served me well as a corporate litigator in private practice, where billable hours were

Resigning from Law was the Best Thing I Ever Did

At age 49, I decided to walk away from my position as a partner in a prestigious law firm. To describe me as a workaholic during my 23 year career is akin to saying that Mark Zuckerberg is charitable or that Donald Trump is outspoken. Defense attorneys bill by the

How to Survive the Holidays with Your Sanity and Waistline Intact

If you’re like me, you approach the holiday season with a combination of pleasurable anticipation and dread. Thanksgiving and Christmas provide opportunities to get together with family and friends, reenergize old bonds, and catch up with the goings on. But, these annual gatherings can also send us into stress and

The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

As many as 50 million Americans engage in the New Year’s tradition of going on a diet. In this health conscious moment, demand for personal trainers also surges. Sadly, the odds of this yearly ritual yielding permanent weight loss are about on par with buying the winning the lottery ticket

How Can I Stay Healthy When I’m Stuck in Meetings All Day?

Do you spend a lot of time sitting through mind-numbing meetings? Don’t you just love those three-day conferences? For many of us, business meetings are a necessary evil. While they’re somewhat tolerable when limited to an hour, they become a full-blown health hazard when we’re glued to our seats for