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Healthy Eating at a Tailgate Party

Healthy eating at a football tailgate can be quite a challenge. Getting together pre-game typically involves overindulging in rich food and downing quite a few beers. Is healthy eating possible at a tailgate? It is possible, but don’t try anything too radical. Take a tasty indulgent dish and lighten it

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Healthy Eating During the Summer Barbeque Season

Healthy eating during barbeque season is important for a healthy diet and lifestyle. This year resist the temptation to go for the hot dogs, burgers and corn on the cob slathered in butter.   Healthy Eating During BBQ Season    Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated and bland. Skewers

Healthy Eating: Beet, Fennel and Fig Salad Recipe with Cranberry Dressing

This beet, fennel and fig salad is a tasty, nutritious and satisfying healthy eating recipe.   Healthy Eating Salad Recipe   This unique recipe combines a mouthwatering mixture of beets, figs, and fennel and gets a holiday twist with cranberry-sage dressing. The sweetness of the figs counteracts the bitterness of

A New Idea for Healthy Eating at the Office

Healthy eating at work only happens with planning. If you take the time to prepare and bring lunch to work you are almost guaranteed to eat healthier than if you go out to eat with colleagues or grab a sandwich and cookie from the closest deli. Where many of us

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss: Try Fresh Apple Salsa

Healthy eating for weight loss includes mixing things up so we don’t end up dreading yet another boring salad. In order to keep going with healthy eating for weight loss, it’s important to eat foods that are satisfying and that keep us feeling full for some time. The old English