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Healthy Eating Plans Don’t Waste Food

Healthy eating plans should not waste food. Most of us are guilty of discarding many edible parts of our fruits and vegetables.   Americans waste $165 billion worth of edible food every year, about 40% of the total amount produced. If we reduced food loses by as little as 15%,

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Healthy Eating Plan: Refreshing Summer Recipe

Looking for a healthy eating plan for the summer? Take advantage of the fresh fruit that’s in season. Add it to a salad with some healthy fat and goo protein and it will keep you feeling full for a long time.     Healthy Eating Plans Include all Food Groups

Healthy Eating Calls for Reducing Sugar Intake

Healthy eating calls for reducing sugar intake. High added sugar intake has been linked to everything from cavities to obesity to Type 2 diabetes to heart disease and many other serious health conditions.   Avoiding obvious sources is one thing, but added sugar can be found in many foods where

What are Healthy Eating Plans?

Are you confused about healthy eating plans? Your uncertainty is understandable.   Questions abound: What do healthy eating plans look like? Non-fat or full fat? Should you worry about eating foods with cholesterol? Is coffee good or bad for us? Is a vegan diet the key to a healthy eating