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Will Your Healthy Diet Be Ruined by Thanksgiving?

Keeping a healthy diet is a priority to you. But, here comes the most challenging time of the year. Ready or not—it’s holiday season. The annual food fest starts with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and finally New Year’s Eve. By then, even those of us who generally eat a

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A Healthy Diet Embraces Fruits Like Cantaloupe

A healthy diet should include several servings of fruit every day. Although fruit contains fructose, which is a form of sugar, it comes in a fiber package so you will not get a sugar rush followed by a crash. Plus, fruit contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals. A Healthy Diet

A Healthy Diet Uses Herbs and Spices

A healthy diet should contain a variety of herbs and spices to make the food tasty. Some of my favorites are coriander and cilantro. Coriander: A Healthy Diet Spice That’s Worth Discovering Coriander is a healthy diet spice that is worth discovering and using in your cooking. What is Coriander?

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Healthy Diet Meal Plans Include Pureed Soups

Healthy diet meal plans should include soups that are not loaded with cream. If you puree the soup, you’ll find that there is no need to add cream to thicken it up. Root vegetables are great for cold weather dinners. Most of us like sweet potatoes because of their appealing

Healthy Diet Plans Include Tasty Snacks

Healthy diet plans must include some healthy snacks. But, they have to be tasty, or you will still head for the vending machine or office kitchen.   One go-to healthy snack is hummus. Dips are a popular way to indulge a little in between meals. That’s why McDonald’s offers eight

Healthy Eating is About Making Healthy Substitutions

Healthy eating is not about depriving yourself of the flavors and dishes that you love to eat. Instead, it’s based on adding healthy foods to your diet and enjoying healthier versions of some of your favorite foods.   Painless Healthy Eating   Many of us grew up eating a lot

Is a Gluten-Free Diet a Healthy Diet?

Many people think that going gluten-free is the key to a healthy diet. If you need to lose weight you may be tempted by the latest dieting fads. Going gluten-free is almost a badge of honor these days. It has become so popular that your grocery store may have an

Eating a Healthy Diet Involves Breaking Bad Habits

Adopting a healthy diet usually involves changing habitual eating patterns. It’s easy to fall prey to the ubiquitous junk food and to get used to eating ginormous portions. Once we grab these tempting offerings enough times doing so becomes a habit, rather than a choice that we consciously make. We

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss: Should Lunch Be You Biggest Meal?

New research hints that healthy eating for weight loss should consider when we eat our biggest meal of the day. Eating a big lunch and smaller dinner is common in Europe and South America. We might want to imitate that pattern and have a mid-day siesta. Mediterranean diets have been

Advice from a Holistic Nutritionist: Skip the Juice Drinks

As a holistic nutritionist, I’m often asked about juicing and smoothies. Many people down a liquid breakfast and feel virtuous. They believe that they have started with day in the healthiest possible way. I’m not a big fan of juicing or smoothies. I think the healthier breakfast is to eat