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Healthy Diet Programs Must Be Convenient

For healthy diet programs to be sustainable, they have to be convenient. We are all busy. Who wants to spend an hour cooking dinner after coming home starving and exhausted? As a Certified Nutritionist, I help client find practical ways for my clients to build healthy diet programs that work

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A Healthy Diet Can Include Shellfish

A healthy diet program can include shellfish even if you have high cholesterol. Eating shrimp as part of a balanced diet is not only safe but can offer a person several key nutrients. Doctors previously recommended against eating shrimp as part of a heart-healthy diet, citing the high levels of

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Healthy Diet Programs Focus on Food Selection

Healthy diet programs focus on food selection as much as calories. Some dieters get too fixated on reducing calories or on proportions of macronutrients to the exclusion of paying attention to what they are eating. In terms of long-term weight loss and health, food choices will matter at least as

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Healthy Diet Programs Include Green Leafy Vegetables

Healthy diet programs should include generous amounts of green leafy vegetables. Why Healthy Diet Programs Include Green Leafy Vegetables Wondering why healthy diet programs include green leafy vegetables? Here are just some of the reasons. Dark green leafy vegetables are great sources of nutrition. • Salad greens, kale and spinach

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Habits that Derail Healthy Diet Programs

Healthy diet programs can easily be derailed. There are so many temptations that cause people who generally follow healthy diet programs to get off track. Knowing what some of the pitfalls are will help you be more aware of them and make it easier to stick with your healthy diet

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What are the Best Healthy Diet Programs?

What are the best healthy diet programs? You may be surprised by the results of the 2018 US News and World Report that analyzed 40 top diets.   These are the Best Healthy Diet Programs   The experts ranked two diets as tied in the category of best healthy diet

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Healthy Diet Programs Include Lots of Vegetables

Healthy diet programs go heavy on the vegetables. Try replacing some or all of the typical starches with healthy vegetables. You will not only increase the nutritional value, but you will also save on calories. Healthy diet programs are particularly challenging when we eat out. An entree typically consists of

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Diet Programs Depend on Low-Calorie Nutritious Recipes

  Diet programs are based on lowering your intake of calories. In order to eat fewer calories and lose weight you need to find healthy low-calorie nutritious recipes. Good taste and nutrition come first. Cooking Light is an excellent resource. Take a look at these dinner recipes that are under

Healthy Diet Programs: Four Steps to Get You There

Healthy diet programs typically focus on weight loss. For good reason. We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic in this country. Here are the stark numbers from the National Institute of Diabetes: • 2 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight or obese. • 1 in 3 adults

Healthy Diet Programs Require a New Focus

Research on healthy diet programs needs to be reexamined. Traditionally research on nutrition has focused on micronutrients, studying the effects of inadequate amounts of certain vitamins, or on macronutrients, such as the appropriate amounts and types of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Many overweight people who want to lose weight get