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Healthy Salad to Add to Your Diet Planner

A diet planner is a tried and true way to stay on-track with healthy eating habits. I have a template for a diet planner that I encourage my weight loss clients to use. If you plan your diet for the week, you will succeed. If you leave it to chance,

Healthy Diet Plans Include Tasty Snacks

Healthy diet plans must include some healthy snacks. But, they have to be tasty, or you will still head for the vending machine or office kitchen.   One go-to healthy snack is hummus. Dips are a popular way to indulge a little in between meals. That’s why McDonald’s offers eight

Elaine’s Weight Loss Blog: How to Be a Diet Planner When on Vacation

You have to be a diet planner when you’re on vacation. Here are some tips about how to behave when you’re on vacation. Weight control when traveling is no easy task. But I knew that I needed to keep my waistline in mind if I didn't want to pay for