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Healthy Eating Plan: Refreshing Summer Recipe

Looking for a healthy eating plan for the summer? Take advantage of the fresh fruit that’s in season. Add it to a salad with some healthy fat and goo protein and it will keep you feeling full for a long time.     Healthy Eating Plans Include all Food Groups

A Healthy Diet Plan Needs to Be Convenient

A healthy diet plan needs to be made up of healthy options that are quick and easy. Convenience is everything today! Here’s a quick and easy, but filling breakfast option. You’ve probably seen “smoothie bowls” popping up all over the Internet lately and in stores like Nekter Juice Bar and

Healthy Meal Plans Include Omega-3s: Salmon Chowder Recipe

Why do healthy meal plans need to include omega-3s? The reason is that this type of fatty acid is not made by our bodies, so we need to get his essential fat from the foods we eat. What makes omega-3 fats special? They are an integral part of our cell

Advice from a Holistic Nutritionist: Skip the Juice Drinks

As a holistic nutritionist, I’m often asked about juicing and smoothies. Many people down a liquid breakfast and feel virtuous. They believe that they have started with day in the healthiest possible way. I’m not a big fan of juicing or smoothies. I think the healthier breakfast is to eat

Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Nix the Cream Sauce

When you embark on a healthy diet plan for weight loss, one easy way to save calories is to substitute lower calorie sauces for the creamy versions. Are you partial to Alfredo sauce? A one cup indulgence will set you back 996 calories, 89% of which are from fat. Why