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Tips to Control Food Cravings

Food cravings are a big problem for many of us, particularly when we are dieting to reduce weight. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to control food cravings. There is also a new study that suggests another technique to reduce cravings. Tips for Reducing Food Cravings There are a variety of

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Are You Tortured by Food Cravings?

“How do I deal with food cravings?” That’s a common question that I am asked as a Certified Nutritionist. If we don’t deal with food cravings, whether they be for pizza, ice cream, or French fries, they may result in a week’s long binge into the black hole. My Favorite

Health & Wellness News: How to Resist Chocolate Cravings

We’ve all had the experience of being stressed and heading for the candy jar. If we could limit ourselves to just one small single square it wouldn’t be a bad thing. After all dark chocolate has health benefits, including lots of healthy antioxidants. But, typically as soon as we take