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Fitness Training Programs in Middle Age Improve Heart Health

A new study shows that fitness training programs in middle age improve heart health. This is the finding of a study of participants from the Dallas Heart Study, as well as employees at Texas Health Resources and the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center. Poor fitness in middle age is

  • fitness training programs for older adults

Best Fitness Training Programs for Older Adults

What fitness training programs work best for older adults? Many of the declines in fitness that we used to think were part of the normal aging process are actually due to older adults becoming more sedentary. Much of the lost physical capacity and strength can be replaced as long as

  • fitness training programs

Fitness Training Programs Lead to Longer Lives

Fitness training programs prolong our lives. We’re all heard that “sitting is the new smoking.” More and more research shows that prolonged sitting is a real health hazard. Some scientists wanted to investigate exactly how fitness training programs are beneficial to longer healthier lives.   Fitness Training Programs Can Prolong