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  • good weight loss programs include tasty foods

Good Weight Loss Programs Feature Healthy Food

Good weight loss programs have to include tasty foods. If healthy food doesn’t taste good and look appetizing, then it isn’t part of a good weight loss program. Nutritionists know that healthy food can also be tasty food. Putting the two together is the foundation of all good weight loss

  • lemons are good weight loss foods

Weight Loss Foods Include Lemons

Weight loss foods should include fruits like lemons. Many of my clients who want to lose weight mistakenly assume that fruit should be banned. They know that fruit sugar, fructose, is a form of sugar and have heard that we should all be consuming less sugar. In fact, while there’s

  • good weight loss programs ban diet sodas

Good Weight Loss Programs Ban These Foods

Good weight loss programs ban foods that are harmful to our health. There are healthy foods, not-so-healthy foods and then some that are health hazards. Good weight loss programs recommend eliminating foods that have been shown to be hazardous to our health.     Five Foods to Ban From Your