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Exercise Programs for Weight Loss: Should I Buy a Stand-Up Desk?

Should desk jockeys buy stand-up desks as part of exercise programs for weight loss? Stand-up desks have become very trendy. After all, reliable research shows that sitting all day is associated with a host of medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, and even premature death. After a single hour of

6 Diet and Nutrition Myths Debunked

Are you confused about what you should and shouldn’t be eating? Are eggs good for you or will they give you a heart attack? Have you been enjoying your nightly glass of red wine only to read the latest study which claims that any amount of alcohol is bad for

What Accounts for the Obesity Epidemic?

Why do two-thirds of American adults now shop for XXL sizes and huff and puff on the rare occasions they are forced to walk more than 50 feet? Is it due to “fat” genes? Lack of information about nutrition or exercise regimens? The purportedly high cost of fresh fruits and

Brianna’s Blog–Reflection on Wellness Coaching Experience

Brianna's Blog--Reflections on Wellness Coaching Experience I just want to share from my heart and convey my excitement! My coach, Lorie, is one of my greatest encouragers. I would not be making this progress if it weren’t for you, Lorie! Thank you for taking a chance on me and for

7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with your Sanity Intact

The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time of relaxed gatherings of family and friends. But, we all know that’s in Leave it to Beaver land. Our reality is that we are totally stressed out, frazzled, sleep deprived, and in seemingly endless altercations over parking spots or who was

The Three Indispensable Keys to Weight Control

For many of the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese, maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong battle somewhat akin to molting. Although they are able to muster the willpower to deprive themselves and lose excess baggage, they simply can’t maintain their hard earned weight loss. They may