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Healthy Eating Plans Include Salads

Healthy eating plans generally promote salads. But what type of “salad” are we talking about? For example, if you’re trying to be “good” at Applebee’s, you might order the Oriental Chicken Salad. It sounds healthier than the “Classic Cheeseburger,” which was what you were craving. The salad is described as

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A Good Nutritionist Doesn’t Recommend Celebrity Diets

A good nutritionist doesn’t recommend a celebrity diet. Many celebrities promote extreme and sometimes even dangerous diets. Unfortunately, since most celebrities look photogenic and enviably thin and fit, many people jump on the celebrity diet bandwagon.   As a Certified Nutritionist, I strongly discourage taking diet or healthy living advice

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Wondering How to Eat Healthy?

Wondering how to eat healthy despite the demands of your non-stop lifestyle? Give home delivered meals a chance.   My goal, as a Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist, is to help my clients lose weight by adopting healthier diets. I ask my clients to be realistic about their time

Wellness Programs Include Healthy Desserts

Wellness programs teach healthier lifestyle habits. But, that does not mean that you go on a deprivation diet. Nor does it mean that you have to give up desserts. Here is a very healthy dessert that can be included in all wellness programs. This recipe makes a nourishing and satisfying

Healthy Eating Guidelines for Various Types of Milk

Healthy eating guidelines often recommend a particular type of milk.   I grew up drinking whole milk. You know—the kind that comes from cows. I have to refer to it as “regular” milk now to distinguish it from all the other offerings.   One thing people don’t know about whole

Certified Nutritionists Advise on How to Eliminate Cravings

Nutritionists are like everyone else. We all crave junk food from time to time. When we give in to our cravings, we experience momentary comfort, but then we regret the extra calories and lack of willpower. Two nutritionists, Ginger Bailey and McCall Weekes, from Salt Lake City recently published an

Personal Trainers and Certified Nutritionists Should Recommend Exercise after Brain Work

I’ll bet that most personal trainers and certified nutritionists don’t realize that a busy brain can mean a hungry body. My personal experience tells me that I can become both exhausted and famished after a session of intense concentration. When I first started to notice this phenomenon, I was a

Health and Wellness Programs Teach Decision Making

Effective health and wellness programs teach clients how to make healthy choices in a world teeming with unhealthful foods made in factories, designed to appeal to our taste buds. It takes formidable effort not to go with the flow and indulge in laboratory-created foods specifically created to tap into the

Healthy Eating Guidelines: Focus on Just a Single Dietary Change

When overweight people seek advice from a Certified Nutritionist, they want healthy eating guidelines. They typically come to me armed with a laundry list of questions designed to clean up their eating habits. “Should I stop eating sugar? Is it OK to eat fruit? Should I go gluten-free? Are all