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Effective Weight Loss Programs Include Adequate Sleep

Effective weight loss programs must include adequate sleep. Many of us still don’t associate sufficient sleep with being healthy. But, more and more research shows that sleep is indispensable to maintaining good health. It is critical in maintaining a healthy weight because your hunger hormones reset properly while you’re asleep.

The Best Weight Loss Diet Doesn’t Cut Calories Too Drastically

The best weight loss diet is to slowly change your eating habits.   But, many people go on calorie restrictive diets because they want to see immediate results. While it is tempting to starve yourself to lose weight fast, that strategy never works in the long run. As soon as

Weight Loss Meal Plans Have to Satisfy Cravings

Weight loss meal plans restrict indulgences. In order to stick to a weight loss meal plan you have to find substitutions that will satisfy your cravings.   Let’s say you’re diligently following your weight loss meal plan and today you would do anything for a piping hot bowl of fettuccine

Good Weight Loss Programs Satisfy Our Cravings

Good weight loss programs satisfy our cravings. If they don’t, we don’t stay on them for long.     Good Weight Loss Programs Teach Healthy Substitutions   Many of us love the crunch of tasty hash browns. But, they can be high in calories and soaked in butter. Here is

Is Diet Soda the Best Food for Weight Loss?

What’s the best food for weight loss? Is it diet soda?   Artificially sweetened beverages are marketed as weight loss tools. The claim is that they allow us to enjoy the sweetness of regular soda, but without the dreaded weight gain.   It seems logical that switching from a regular

The Most Effective Weight Loss Plans Include Healthy Snacks

The most effective weight loss plans have to provide for snacks. You can indulge in snacks like chips and candy bars, or you can decide to substitute healthier treats that provide valuable nutrition.   Many of us like crunchy munchies. That typically means chips, crackers, and nachos. But, there are

The Best Weight Loss Diet is the Mediterranean Diet

The best weight loss diet is one that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived. I follow the Mediterranean diet and recommend it to my weight loss clients. Harvard University has conducted many research studies on the Mediterranean Diet and found it to be the best weight loss diet.     Harvard