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Does a Healthy Diet Mean Probiotics?

Does eating a healthy diet mean you should be eating probiotic foods? Does a Healthy Diet Require Probiotic Foods? Does a healthy diet mean you should be eating probiotic foods like kimchi, drinking kombucha or taking probiotic supplements? Probiotic foods are extremely popular and are touted for their supposed health

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Make Probiotic Foods Part of Your Weight Loss Meal Plans

Make probiotic foods, like miso, part of your weight loss meal plans   Miso Paste: An Asian Health Food   Spicy Asian foods are rapidly gaining popularity. Move over wasabi and sriracha. Miso paste, a fermented soybean flavor enhancer, is hot on your heels. This versatile, umami flavored food, is

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Health and Wellness Programs Include Probiotics

Health and Wellness Programs should include foods like kefir, that contain healthy probiotics.   Nutritionists use the term “health halo” to describe a particular food that has garnered a reputation for promoting good health. Foods like kale fly out of the produce bins when they are so christened. Many times