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Time to start living a healthier life?

Lorie Eber is a certified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach who can help YOU take the steps necessary to live a healthier lifestyle. Are you overweight, out of shape, or stressed out? Are you looking for expert advice and accountability? If so, you've come to the right place.

About Lorie

Nutrition. Wellness. Weight loss. Diets.

Orange County Health and Wellness Programs

Lorie Eber is a Holistic Nutritionist, a Healthy Diet Planner, a Well Coach, and a Personal Trainer. Passionate about helping those who are ready to make long-lasting changes to their eating and exercise habits, Lorie is eager to share her expertise and will effectively guide and support you on your weight loss journey - helping you to build a fitness training program, introducing you to effective fitness training methods, and acting as your expert diet planner.

Health and Wellness Programs That Work Around Your Lifestyle.

Lorie has developed a range of Health and Wellness programs that are designed to fit your overscheduled life, and weight loss objectives.

Weight Loss Programs – Lorie’s healthy diet programs, wellness programs, and exercise programs for weight loss can help you with everything from healthy meal plans, diets, and healthy eating guidelines, to fitness training plans, weight loss programs, and even weight loss challenge ideas.

Custom Diet Programs - Lorie creates custom weight loss programs and diets for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a general healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Wellness Programs – Lorie delivers an extensive range of Corporate Health and Wellness Programs, which have been designed to keep your workforce as fit, healthy, and happy as possible.

Nutrition Coaching - Through her nutrition classes and nutrition coaching, Lorie will help you to embrace healthy eating and a balanced diet, and create diet plans that will help you to achieve your goals.

Center for Health and Wellness

Lorie Eber Wellness Coaching is based in Lorie’s Center for Health and Wellness in Irvine, California. Offering both face to face and telephone coaching, Lorie works with a wide range of Orange County clients from Laguna Beach, Yorba Linda, Dana Point, Villa Park, San Clemente, and beyond.

Ready to start living a healthier lifestyle?

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to contact a well coach, make key changes, and start leading a healthy lifestyle, get in touch today.

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Client Results

45974_1581143294325_5287549_nHelane's Success Story

Lorie gave me an opportunity to talk through things I’ve struggled with my whole life, to help me give permission to myself to live a little and enjoy food, and to set some small but substantial goals in my health and wellness journey that have truly helped me.

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Elaine's Success Story

Lorie Eber’s Wellness Coaching is essential for anyone who wants to develop healthy behavior habits and enjoy life. Lorie’s method is so successful because it is realistic. Lorie demonstrates how small changes, over time, will lead to a healthier life.

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image1-2-150x150-2Angela's Success Story

I was attracted to Lorie's program because she focused on developing healthy habits that would lead to lasting change.  Lorie worked with me to develop an individualized plan for success.  Within 6 weeks of working with her, I was down 10 lbs. and after several months of working with her, I was able to lose close to 20 lbs.  

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