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Monthly Lunchtime Seminars

Join us on September 22 as we discuss: Everything They Told Us About Nutrition Is Wrong.

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What Is Wellness Coaching?

Certified Wellness Coach


Mayo Clinic Certification


Lorie Eber is a Precision Nutrition Certified Professional, Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Success Stories

Helane’s Success Story

Lorie gave me an opportunity to talk through things I’ve struggled with my whole life, to help me give permission to myself to live a little and enjoy food, and to set some small but substantial goals in my health and wellness journey that have truly helped me.  Read More…


Elaine’s Success Story
Lorie Eber’s Wellness Coaching is essential for anyone who wants to develop healthy behavior habits and enjoy life. Lorie’s method is so successful because it is realistic. Lorie demonstrates how small changes, over time, will lead to a healthier life.   Read More…


Tricia’s Success Story
All in all, this has been a very positive and good experience for me. I can’t thank Coach enough for her guidance and support, and for all the laughs too. It’s been great Coach. From the bottom of my healthier and happier heart, thank you!”    Read More…