There are many Wellness Programs that lure us in with a promise of quick results, but what are the most effective weight loss programs? I think the most effective weight loss programs focus on improving your lifestyle. I’ve said this before, and I say it again: quick weight loss programs don’t work. I’ve tried and failed on at all sorts of diets, and have jumped on the band wagon multiple times buying the HOT new book or DVD that promises quick and major weight loss. But I think you can guess how that story ends… The pounds somehow creep back on out of thin air. Why? Because it’s impossible to limit your calories to nothingness and exercise to the extreme every day. At some point, your body says, “Heck no! Give me the cookie!”

I have been trying and trying to lose 10 lbs. for several years now. And every time I’ve succeeded in losing the weight, a few weeks or months down the road, I’d end up back at my starting weight. I realized that this is because my weight loss method was all wrong. I used to limit my caloric intake and exercise to the extreme. But that kind of extreme behavior is just not sustainable! So what has changed?… I’ve wised up and realized that permanent weight loss requires consistent practice of healthy habits. While working with Lorie, I’ve made considerable improvements to my diet that have led me to achieve the permanent weight loss I’ve been seeking for years.

Every other weight loss program seems to promise the quick fix solution. And yes, I may have dropped the pounds quickly in the past, but the problem is that the weight never stayed off. Using the tools and advice that Loire has provided me, I’ve implemented healthful changes gradually to improve my daily eating habits. So far, I’ve lost 15 lbs. and I’ve never felt better!

After accomplishing this weight loss, I wonder why I used to believe that lasting change could occur overnight? The answer is simple, it doesn’t. Lasting change requires time and nurturing.

Living healthfully takes time, and I can demonstrate that in the line graph that accompanies this blog post. This line graph represents 6 months of my weight being tracked on My Fitness Pal. I’ve logged my weight almost daily for the past 6 months, and you’ll see that my weight loss did not occur over a week, but that it took a solid 3-4 months for me to really shed the pounds. Yes, I stumbled here and there, but I’ve been able to keep the pounds off because I’ve learned that I need to consistently practice healthy habits. Although I have not reached my ideal weight, I know that I will get there in good time. And so can you. Don’t rush the journey, celebrate each victory in strides.

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<3 elaine