Weight loss can be undercut just by being chronically stressed.
Many studies have identified a link between chronic stress and weight gain. It does damage in two ways. Stress causes excess fat storage and weight gain. Stress also causes our bodies to burn fewer calories and to crave junk food.



Weight Loss Won’t Happen if You Live an Overly Stressful Life



Our jobs are an obvious source of stress. We have client crises to handle. We have last-minute updates to complete. We know we have to get these things done. After all, our paychecks depend on our good job performance.


Most of us know that working too many hours can take a toll on our physical health. It can also strain our personal relationships. Never taking a break also causes burnout.



Our Ever-Present Technology is Not a Friend of Weight Loss


Technology is a good thing because it allows greater flexibility. But we often let it run our lives. We feel the need to be available 24/7. We check emails before we go to bed, as soon as we wake up, and even on vacation.


Nearly half of all U.S. workers check email after they leave work and 45% say they do work during non-business hours, according to a 2016 CareerBuilder survey.



For Weight Loss, Take Control of Your Response to Technology



If weight loss is your goal, you need to develop a strategy to manage your response to technology.


If you answer every email and text as soon as it is sent, then people get used to that and expect it of you. But, if you take the weekend off from work communications, you can manage the expectations of others. You will be relieved to find that your colleagues will stop the constant flow of emails.


Use the same strategy when you are trying to destress on vacation. Tell your boss in advance whether you’re going to check your emails. If you are, set a schedule. That will help relieve your anxiety and you can actually enjoy your time away from work.


Lee Rainie, director of Internet, Science and Technology Research at the Pew Research Center, says that people who successfully embrace technological advances are “strategic about how they allocate their attention. They often manage their networks,” he says.


Rainie suggests using automatic replies to let those who call or email know that they are not available for a specific period of time, and also letting people know who else can answer their questions.



Weight Loss is A Lot More Achievable with a Balanced Life



We all need and deserve a balanced life. We need the time and space to make our health our first priority in order to maintain a healthy weight. Trying to lose weight when we are chronically stressed just doesn’t work. Our biology undermines our best efforts.


It’s essential to disconnect entirely from work and technology from time to time. Your brain and your waistline will thank you.


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