My weight loss journey was challenging this past week because I was sick with a respiratory infection.  Not only was I frequently short of breath, but the doctor had me on antibiotics and powerful steroids that made my body feel completely out of sync.  Unfortunately, steroids are an appetite stimulant so I felt hungry ALL THE TIME!  So I ate… and ate, and ate some more.  I would love to tell you that I successfully stayed on track and ate healthy foods, but the truth is I ate a lot of junk.  My body craved comfort foods including chips, dip, crackers, and fatty things.  As I reached for one chip after the next, my brain knew — very well, that eating chips and dip was not helping me reach my health goals, but like I said, the meds made me feel awful so I just caved into temptations.

Apart from struggling with eating right, I also struggled with exercising because my lungs were clogged and I couldn’t breathe normally.  As I mentioned before, I exercise regularly and do at least 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio daily, so exercising is normal for me.  In fact, NOT exercising is hard.  But I just didn’t feel well.  Respiratory illnesses really wear the body down, and I felt winded with the smallest of activities, so I laid off intense workouts as well.

Lorie noticed something was off immediately because the foods I was entering into MyFitnessPal were not consistent with the goals we set together, so being the great coach that she is, she checked in with me right away.  I explained that I was sick again and on dreadful medications.  Lorie was understanding and reminded me that getting sick is part of life, so she encouraged me to focus on recovering and to not be so hard on myself.  Her feedback was comforting, and that’s just what I did.  I focused on getting better.  Progress, not perfection. 

After I tapered off my steroids, and was on the final few tablets of antibiotics, I could feel my energy levels normalizing, so I took the weekend to get back on track.  It was not an easy transition, but now that I’m feeling better I know that I can focus on eating better again.

Road blocks happen, they are part of life.  The take home message from this week’s blog:  When you fall off the horse, get up and get back on — sooner than later! 

until next time <3