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A Weight Loss Diet Recipe for Healthy Bagels

Can a healthy weight loss diet include bagels? The average bagel is made from simple carbohydrates that break down into sugar rapidly. Due it its super size, bagels average between 300 and 350 calories. Ironically, a donut may have fewer calories due to its smaller size.   Can a Weight

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Diabetic Diets Should Include Corn on the Cob

Diabetic diets should include corn on the cob, which is a great summer treat. It’s healthier than you think.   Corn has an undeserved reputation as a fattening, carb-laden, genetically altered food. Add to that its association with high-fructose corn syrup and you may find yourself wondering if corn on

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Weight Loss Diets Include Complex Carbs

Weight loss diets should include complex carbohydrates. Lately carbohydrates have gotten a bad name. Many people mistakenly assume that good weight loss diets eliminate all carbs.   Weight Loss Diets Include Healthy Carbs   Don’t confuse healthy, complex carbohydrates with simple carbohydrates, like white rice. Carbs are the main fuel

Is Diet Soda the Best Food for Weight Loss?

What’s the best food for weight loss? Is it diet soda?   Artificially sweetened beverages are marketed as weight loss tools. The claim is that they allow us to enjoy the sweetness of regular soda, but without the dreaded weight gain.   It seems logical that switching from a regular

Healthy Diet Programs Nix the “Diet” as well as the “Cheat Days”

Healthy diet programs include eating a balanced diet and focusing on eating healthy foods every day. Staying focused on a healthy lifestyle while being inundated by seductive messages to consume enormous portions of addictive treats presents a monumental challenge, right up there with resisting the siren call of your cellphone