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Get Adequate Sleep for Weight Control

Adequate shut-eye is a necessity for weight control. Most of us don’t associate sleep with weight control. But, there is a strong correlation between the two. The biological reason is that your hunger hormones get re-set for the next day only if you get adequate rest. Exhausted? Scrimping on Sleep

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Weight Control Means Little Indulgences

Weight control means little indulgences now and then. If you try to be “perfect” all the time, you will probably fail at weight control. Don’t make sweets totally off limits. Just find ways to eat less and to make them a true indulgence that you truly enjoy without feeling guilty.

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Weight Control Strategies

Weight control strategies after weight loss are the hardest part of losing weight. Most people are able to diet off at least some weight, but then comes the more difficult part. But, how do you keep the weight from coming back on?     Weight Control Avoids Obesity    

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Weight Control Means Healthier Desserts

Weight control is sustainable only when we follow eating plans that allow us to live in the real world. The real world includes desserts, especially at holiday time. There is no reason to shun all sweet treats in the pursuit of weight control. In fact, I often advise my weight

Weight Control Includes a Healthy Breakfast

Weight control has to include eating a healthy breakfast. According to the Mayo Clinic, “regularly eating a healthy breakfast may help you lose excess weight and maintain your weight loss.” Many research studies support this claim.   The National Institute of Diabetes agrees: “People who skip breakfast tend to be

Weight Control Includes Adequate Sleep

One thing many of my weight loss clients don’t realize is that weight control includes adequate sleep. Many of us, particularly if we’re stressed or over-committed, sometimes have trouble sleeping. The problem may be falling asleep or perhaps intermittent waking. Several credible studies show a strong connection between inadequate sleep