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Can Healthy Meal Plans Include Eggs?

Can healthy meal plans include eggs? As a Certified Nutritionist, this is a question I am often asked. I understand why people are confused. For the last 50 years we were told to worry about eating foods, like eggs, that contain cholesterol.   Healthy Meal Plans Can Include Eggs  

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Healthy Meal Plans: Try Spiralizing

Healthy meal plans now include spiralized vegetables as a stand-in for pasta. Many of us get pasta cravings from time to time. Why not try replacing them with vegetables that are in the shape of spaghetti noodles?   Healthy Meal Plans Focus on Vegetables   In case you’re new to

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Healthy Meal Plans: A New Take on a Healthier Chili

Healthy meal plans can include a steaming hot pot of chili. A classic pot of chili to warm you up on a winter day is made with ground beef and topped with shredded cheese and a large dollop of sour cream. How about enjoying a healthier version of a hearty

Healthy Meal Plans Include Nutritious Salads

Healthy meal plans include lots of fruits and vegetables. This salad has both.   Healthy Meal Plans Include Salads with Fruits & Vegetables     A healthy meal plan involves trying new foods. Don’t eat the same old boring green salad every day. Liven things up by being adventuresome. Have

Healthy Meals Plans Include Lots of High Fiber Foods

Healthy meal plans include lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Eating foods that are high in fiber keep us healthy. Lack of fiber is one of the main flaws of the modern diet. Many of us now eat more heavily processed products than whole grains and vegetables. Growing

Healthy Meal Plans Include Omega-3s: Salmon Chowder Recipe

Why do healthy meal plans need to include omega-3s? The reason is that this type of fatty acid is not made by our bodies, so we need to get his essential fat from the foods we eat. What makes omega-3 fats special? They are an integral part of our cell

Healthy Meal Plans: The Fewer Ingredients the Better

When I advise my clients about healthy eating plans, I emphasize eating “real food,” over packaged foods assembled in plants. Fresh food that grows in the ground or on trees is always healthier and more nutritious than processed food. But, I’m also a realist. Most of my weight loss clients

Effective Diets Include New and Different Healthy Salads

Effective diets mix things up. Getting tired of the same old boring green salad for lunch or dinner? Why not be adventuresome and try something new? Edamame are immature green soybeans. They are common in the cuisine of China, Japan, Korea and Hawaii. The pods are served boiled or steamed

Healthy Eating Motivated by the Dream of Becoming a Professional Cheerleader

Elaine knew that healthy eating was necessary to achieve her dream of becoming a professional cheerleader.  In this blog post, she recounts Part 1 of her journey in auditioning for the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleading squad.  It begins with a dream My lifelong dream has been to be a professional